It is apparent our nation is becoming more divided every day, and it is not only Democrat-Republican feuding.

One of the bigger rifts developing is the way the federal political campaigns operate compared to the way state and local governments function.

Federal governments, at least in the way politicians are campaigning, seems to have been reduced to slogans of a few words – “Build the wall,” “Medicare for all” or “Cancel student debt.”

Most of the blame for the way campaigns operate rests on social media and its users. The research firm Axios reports, “About 62 percent of us get our news on social media, but most of us – 68 percent – don’t trust the news that crosses our screens.”

Most smartphone users check their phones 50 times a day or more. That means the attention span of humans has been reduced to eight seconds.

So to appeal to the masses, candidates for federal offices now run on slogans.

Meanwhile, state and local governments need to deliver on the things voters need – streets without potholes, adequate police protection, excellent public education, sewers that work.

In other words, state and local officials need to promote real programs with real results that affect real people where they live.

The result is more divisiveness in this nation with presidential candidates promising what polls in this country show voters don’t want or aren’t concerned about and candidates for state and local offices focusing on local issues that impact voters.

It is a strange dichotomy that has divided the way federal and local governments operate and most assuredly will lead to one of two alternatives.

Voters may insist on more local control meaning state and local governments need to have the right to decide what is best for them or voters may feel the federal government knows what is best for us and will make all those decisions for us.

We hope and pray the first alternative prevails and the citizens of Wyoming and Park County and Cody can call on local governments to provide the services they need.


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