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Larry Jones

Just a few refutations to Robin Berry’s letter to the Governor.

What does the issue of abortion have to do with ‘murdering the elderly’? None, but it makes the visceral appeal greater.

Abortion is not the ‘brutal murder’ of children, although that is what the anti-abortionists would have you believe. It is a fetus, not a child, not a person, not a citizen.

Torture and dismemberment? There is no credible scientific evidence that a fetus feels pain. Again, torture is a nice buzz word.

‘Evil people are making money.’ Actually, these are caring medical professionals providing health care to women.

‘Murdering her unborn child.’ Once again, it is not murder, it is a medical procedure. Yes it is true that some women regret the decision. That is part of being human. We all make decisions we regret. That is not the same as them being the wrong decision at the time or not being the right decision for millions.

‘Our factories are in third world countries producing substandard goods.’ But that is capitalism. Surely you are not arguing for socialism or communism, are you?

‘Perhaps making marriage and family a priority.’ And of course you have not availed yourself of the divorce laws in this country.

Of course you will consider me to be evil, but my opinion, for what it is worth, is that it is the woman’s decision alone. She may seek out medical advice, spiritual guidance and family support. But it is her body alone. No one else’s. Right up to the time of God breathing in the breath of life and the child taking its first breath.

Larry B. Jones

John Potter

You should get in touch with Bob Meinecke. He probably knows some white, Christian, American males born with exterior plumbing, who could help you with that birth rate thing.

Dewey Vanderhoff

Uh, what part of Texas did you say you were from , ma'am ?

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