To the editor:

My wife and I met Nina Webber about two years ago when we moved to Cody. We found that we had a lot of similar interests in hunting, shooting and the outdoors and really appreciated her perspective of being a born and bred Wyoming native. 

We immediately became the best of friends and found someone that we could truly count on if we needed anything.

I went elk hunting with Nina about a dozen times this past fall. I have to admit that she puts me to shame in the amount of rough country that she can cover in no time flat. When you’re driving around Area 66 scouting elk for hours upon hours, you get the opportunity to really know a person and what they stand for. 

I can say without a doubt that Nina stands for the strong Wyoming conservative values that brought us to Cody. 

As Nina and I talked, I became particularly impressed with her conservative positions and her breadth of knowledge about political issues. She has an extensive professional background in the oil and gas industries that are so crucial to Wyoming’s future. 

Nina grew up herding cattle with her granddad outside of Farson, which gives her a great deal of insight on that important industry to our State. 

What I found in Nina was a strong, conservative woman that is vehemently opposed to higher taxes for our residents. She is an extremely strong Second Amendment advocate that will fight against any encroachment on our rights. Nina is also a solid pro-life candidate and has contempt for those elected Republicans that just talk a good game during elections but don’t uphold Wyoming conservative values once they get to Cheyenne. 

I’m confident that if you vote for Nina Webber on Aug. 18 you won’t be disappointed.

(s) Bob Ferguson


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Joe Battin

I will vote for Sandy simply because I know her and her family. They grew up in Cody and had numerous businesses in the same town I was born and raised in. Right or wrong... I will not vote for any one who moved from out of state especially one with any ties to the Gumrunner.

Jack Dittmer

JJ, Pretty easy to comment (on everything) from the bleachers! Throw your hat in the ring and show us how it is done!

Jim Jones

Thanks for your comment from the bleachers, Jack!

Jim Jones

Sandy Newsome claims to be pro-business. All she EVER for Park County businesses during her first term is vote to disburse Federal CARES Act money. As if any politician would do otherwise. She voted yes on HB118 to protect the Second Amendment! Except HB118 is full of platitudes that have no legal meaning and are completely unenforceable. I challenge you to read it and claim otherwise. Everyone who wrote it, sponsored it and voted on it is a RINO. It is a Cover Your A_s bill for liberal Democrats masquerading as conservatives. Look at Sandy Newsome's website. She takes no positions on anything. You can hold her to anything based on the information on her site. Nina Webber clearly spells out her position on all the top issues: She's against all additional taxes, against any additional gun control (see the video on her website by Wyoming Gun Owners), against abortion, etc. She even has videos on her positions. Sandy is SO conservative, her lawn site is sitting next to a Joe Biden sign on 10th Street and Bleistein Avenue. Sandy Newsome first ran for office as an Idependant. That didn't work so she became a Republican. I hear the Park County Republican Party was so impressed, they didn't give her any campaign money. By the way Jack, how do you know my hat hasn't been in the ring?


Interesting. Oil, gas, cattle are all dying industries. They may have been Wyoming's past but they are not the future. The future is not fossil fuel extraction or raising cattle on this marginal landscape. Better to have leaders who are not promoting the past but looking to the future.

Jim Jones

You actually believe Sandy Newsome is looking to the future? I think she spent her first term looking for somebody to tell her how to vote.


The fact is that Nina Webber was NOT re-elected in Thermopolis as County Clerk. 'Nuf said. Do your research!

Duel Akins

Hot Springs Co. political washout is now the Park Co. republican savior? Naw....don't think so

Jim Jones

Please explain how Sandy Newsome is better. I'll wait.


Out with the old in with the new that's what Cody needs that's what Wyoming needs

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