To the editor:

Songbirds are making their way northward, and every day there are new voices in the thickets and grasslands around Cody.

However, more than 1/4 of North American birds have disappeared since 1970. This is a noticeable trend that needs to be reversed. One cause is the horrifying estimate of 2.4 billion songbirds killed annually in the U.S. by cats. Keep cats indoors, especially during the daytime when birds are most active. If you must let Kitty out, equip her with a bird protecting collar. These are bright-colored scrunchie collars, available on the internet. Birds clearly see the color and are alerted to an otherwise camouflaged hunter.

Another significant cause of bird loss is starvation, due to the disappearance of insect populations. Most birds rely at some point in their life cycle on invertebrates. Widespread overuse of pesticides, especially those containing neonicotinoids, has caused populations of beneficial insects to crash.

The chemicals in Roundup have also been implicated in insect and bird deaths, even though it is an herbicide. These are the same poisons that have decimated butterflies and honeybees. Let’s do what we can to restore biodiversity for future generations.

(s) Linda Raynolds


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