To the editor:

Reading Cliff Bryan’s letter, I felt like it was written by a 20-something who is moving back to his parents home and found out that the basement was no longer his personal domain. The basement has been converted to benefit the overall family.

The Senior Center has a few hundred members and is free to anyone over 60. Lunch is provided Monday-Friday to those who wish it. A $4 donation is requested but not mandatory.

It is not practical to expect every decision and change to be run past the membership or the board. If that were the case then nothing would ever get done.

During this time of COVID-19 concerns, with the majority of those most vulnerable being 60 and older, moving the card players to a more social distancing location is only logical.

Giving the staff members, of which the majority are also over 60 and there 40 hours per week, more privacy to work also seems logical.

Cliff and the posse need not miss out on the entertainment or guest speakers since most times it is posted in advance and it was only a request, not mandated, that they consider not coming before 1 p.m. if they are not dining to help with the limited parking spaces.

With all the issues facing us today, might I suggest the card players rotate meeting at their homes, which will eliminate the problems of what room do we play in and where do we park.

(s) frank mallon


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