To the editor:

Bravo to the Park County Animal Shelter for implementing the trap-neuter-release program. The program works in stabilizing the feral/abandoned cat population. 

Catch and kill will never eliminate the population; whenever cats are eliminated, others move in. Millions of birds are also killed by wind turbines, cell towers and buildings, not just feral cats. In large cities, warehouses use feral cats to control the pest population in place of poison. 

Disneyland has 200 feral cats as natural pest control. The cats are spay/neutered, microchipped. The feral cats roam the park and are rarely seen during the day. You will never see a mouse trap in the Magic Kingdom. 

Successful programs that advocate TNR:,, The battle is not over feral or abandoned cats, it’s a war against illiterate humans.

(s) Missey perkins


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