A while back I decided it was time to ask myself questions in order to be better prepared for the upcoming election. 

Since I started voting too many decades ago, I approached elections by finding out where candidates stand on issues. This year I feel compelled to do more. I decided to double-check my views and opinions, and if they have changed. 

I have a good sense of what matters to me when it comes to governing, but it’s always good to reassess. This journey, which isn’t complete, has helped me re-focus on the things that I now – with the context of some life experience – find more relevant. 

I also recognize that no one person will ever embody my ideal. We’re all flawed humans after all. But those flaws also are illuminating. My ability and willingness to compromise and acknowledge I’m not the center of the universe helps put things into a more realistic perspective.

How much does truth really matter? I’ve decided it matters more, not less. I recognize we all have skirted truth in our lives. We don’t tell our best friend she looks fat in that dress if we can possibly help it. But on a fundamental level, we all rely on truth to navigate. 

Whether it is truth in advertising for what we spend our money on or truth in relationships so we can feel safe and valued, truth matters. Trust is either earned or destroyed based on the truth of our experiences with people. Once we get inured to lies, it’s more difficult to distinguish truth. Our ability to navigate is compromised, as are our self-confidence, our judgment and our ability to function. 

When we can see with our eyes that chemical agents were used on our citizens for exercising their constitutional right, and then we’re told by “officials” it didn’t happen, we are being trained to accept lies. We’re seeing firsthand the meaning of the word “gaslighting.” If we accept lies and excuse them, we are complicit in perpetuating the lies.  Once truth is lost, what do we really have left?  

How much do intelligence and education matter? I wish everyone had the ability and means for as much formal education as they desire. I also recognize many have great intelligence who never experienced a formal education setting; conversely some who have had formal education don’t have much intelligence. 

I do think intelligence – which partially means a realization and appreciation that history, science, art, social sciences and many other applied knowledge are critical if we are to empower people to act on our behalf – is important, especially if they are spending our hard-earned money and trying to keep our country safe.

It isn’t comforting to hear the most powerful individual on the planet say that if we didn’t test for the current COVID-19 virus we wouldn’t have any cases. I guess that means if I still have checks I must have money in my bank account, or if one doesn’t take a pregnancy test they aren’t pregnant.

Yes, an interest in and thirst for intelligence and knowledge matter.  

More questions will emerge. If only the answers were at the ready. 

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Just for you Fox Blue River. You are a little behind on the recent news.

The intelligence community discovered the possible bounty on American soldiers in 2014 under the Obama/Biden administration.

However, they were unable to confirm that there was ever a bounty over six years now. Therefore they did not report it to President Trump. If you don’t know about a situation, you cannot be expected to take any action.

Both the Taliban and Russia have denied the story and if there was a bounty, it was not very successful under President Trump. In eight years of Obama/Biden, the death toll in Afghanistan was 1,758. In three and a half years under Trump, the death toll is 71. Do you see any difference?

As far as what Trump has been found guilty of, was it the Russia this and Russia that? Who lied to Congress? What was the lie?


America is in dire straits because of lack of real leadership from the flailing White House and do nothing Senate. Americans better step up to the plate before this once great nation turns into a fascist oligarchy.


You mention lack of leadership in the flailing White House. Please put your hate for Trump aside for 2 minutes, 120 seconds. Then understand that every single one of the rioters, people burning down businesses, tearing down statues, killing people, women & children, supporting the domestic terrorists BLM are America hating liberals. And the people letting it all happen are your elected democrats. The elected officials that want to defund polices are all democrats. The people selling the vaccine are the same people selling the virus. Democrats. If you are proud to be in that group with them I feel sorry for you.

Jim Jones

It would be really nice if Cody Enterprise editors could review posts more often than once every other day. That way people commenting wouldn't have to wonder if their first post went through.

Jim Jones

Jeanette's complete absence of logic is astounding. "It isn’t comforting to hear the most powerful individual on the planet say that if we didn’t test for the current COVID-19 virus we wouldn’t have any cases. I guess that means if I still have checks I must have money in my bank account, or if one doesn’t take a pregnancy test they aren’t pregnant." The fact is if Covid-19 was undiagnosed every single person who has it in Park County would be at home recuperating from the flu. Examples of cashless checking accounts and women who are not pregnant without a test are not only absurd, they serve to illustrate the writer's admonition to do your homework: some Jeanette has failed to do. If Jeanette bothered to take her own advice, she would have downloaded the 2018 Influenza Survey from the Wyoming Heath Department website which shows more deaths from the flu than currently attributed to Covid-19. It seems a pot shot at President Trump has exposed another low information liberal.

Fox Blue River

Personal insults and name calling don't make you sound smart Jim.

Jack Dittmer

Again, If you can do better put yer money where your moth is!

Jim Jones

Jeanette is encouraging us to do research prior to the election while she takes a fundamentally flawed and illogical pot shot at President Trump. He is 100 percent correct in saying there would be no Covid-19 without testing. Without any testing, it would not be identified and those who have it in Park County would be at home with the flu. Which, by the way is the exact current state of affairs. Not one person in Park County diagnosed with Covid-19 has been hospitalized and not one person in Park County has died of Covid-19. Those who have not yet recovered are at home recuperating exactly the same way they would have from any undiagnosed flu. More research reveals fewer Wyomingites have died of Covid-19 (including those who died with co-morbidities) than died during the 2018 flu season. Jeanette can download the report from the Wyoming Department of Health. It takes a lot of guts or ignorance to advise/berate readers into researching candidates before an election without bothering to do so yourself. The answers are out there if you care to find them. You haven't bothered looking.


I respect your thoughtful although biased editorial. Here is a few things that should be mentioned about your statement about "the most powerful person in the world" and what he said about the testing. I watched the Tulsa rally and listen to it 2 more times. His statement about "If we stopped testing there would be no cases" was taken out of context by the liberal media. What he was actually referring to was the recent uptick of the cases. He said something to the effect " We have tested 3.5 million people. The more testing we do the more cases we will have. If we stop testing we will have no cases.

The next thing you mention is trust. How can you trust the presumptive "most powerful man in the world" when he says things like, 150,000,000 people have been killed by gun violence in the country since 2007? Or when he said 120,000,000 people have died from covid-19? Is he lying or is he really that stupid? By the way, where has he been for 90 days? Is the biased liberal media doing his campaigning for him. He has said nothing about the virus or the rioting, looting, killing and tearing down national monuments the liberals are backing. All I have heard him say is how Trump failed with his virus response. Really? Failed?

The 2020 will come down to law and order or lawlessness. There is a candidate for both. If you are for tearing down historical monument, higher taxes, forgiving student loans that the tax payers will end up paying for, higher unemployment rates, abolishing the 2nd amendment then vote Blue.

If you were happy with the way thing were pre-covid. Lowest unemployment rate in decades, the best economy in history, border security, better trade deals for America, law and order. Vote for the current "most powerful man in the word"

Just another question for you. Do you know what the riots in Baltimore and the riots we are having now in this country have in common? They are both in election years promoted by democrat that are doing absolutely nothing to stop them.

Fox Blue River

"If we stopped testing there would be no cases" was taken out of context by the liberal media."

He literally said he was serious in an interview the next day on Fox.

"The 2020 will come down to law and order or lawlessness"

Like lying to congress, obstruction of justice, those things that Trump has been proven guilty of? Or like how he knew about Putin putting bounties on the heads of Americans for months and did nothing?

Donald Trump is uninformed, uneducated, ignorant, cowardly and a traitor.


What has been proven guilty of? What lies has he told? Are they really lies or just statements the liberal don't believe? As far as the statement about the virus tests he did say that if we stopped testing there would be no cases. But that statement was after he said the virus cases are spiking because there is more testing going on. It seems pretty obvious that the more testing that is don't the more virus cases you will see. It is also pretty obvious to me that if they stopped testing for the virus, there would be no cases. How would you know you had covid-19 if there was no testing? How hard is that to understand?


Fox you are a work of art, all I can say is you are like Reagan once said, it is not that democrats are bad people just everything they know and believe are just not so.

I suggest you expand your knowledge and visit other than CNN, MSNBC and other so called mainstream media. Also understand if Donald Trump would have fell in line with all the deep state as the previous 20 plus years of presidents he would have been loved, but no he cannot be bought like his opponent so he is targeted by all of the money grabbers both democrat, republican, media , lobbyist ,and corporate .

Just maybe he is doing something right, just a thought why not think about it.

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