To the editor:

This newspaper has done an outstanding job of reporting information about various aspects of the recent expansion/development of Cody. 

I particularly appreciate the balance, the pros and cons.

Unfortunately, the bulk of the people who have spoken up are those associated with real estate and profit machines, lots of market-speak.

I continue to be perplexed as to why other important perspectives haven’t been offered, views and facts that represent important aspects of the unique Cody culture. 

Why hasn’t the World Wildlife Federation weighed in about encroachment? The EPA? Law enforcement and traffic control? Environmental groups? Will the FAA be required to address noise abatement/curfews?

Years ago, there was a song titled “Big Yellow Taxi” which highlighted issues such as those facing Cody. The refrain included the following words: “They paved Paradise and put in a parking lot.” I hope that will not become Cody’s legacy.

(s) Karin Neilson


(2) comments

Justin Smith

People should have one house and stop being so greedy.

Scott Conger

Justin, there are seemingly no end to places in the world which limit a person to what they can do, and what they can own or accomplish. Fortunately for the rest of us in America, the limits to our accomplishments reside within each of us, and fortunately do not filter through you. Too bad your parents didn't encourage you to dream big. Measured and appropriate parental encouragement builds self esteem and self esteem frequently leads to success, not envy.

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