To the editor:

I wonder how many people saw the story in the Powell Tribune about a company offering an AR-15 gun if we do business with them. Shameful. Watch the news.

This is a really disturbing situation that we all must live in such fear and carry an AR-15 gun to protect ourself. From what?

We have a good community here with less violence and this could only create more. 

What has happened to our society and our lives. Why more guns?

It’s all around us and we do not wish to live like the big cities, that’s why we live here. I have for years. We do not need this military gun here. Where are these people from?

(s) opal mcGuffey


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Dewey Vanderhoff

Anyone who does not believe that issues surrounding Gun Control all across America are not also mental health issues , heed these comments.

If you try and take a gun away from a strident gun owner, they will go ballistic.

Greg Gaspers

"ballistic", I like that one for a gun control article Dewey. Anyway, I would probably go ballistic if you tried to take away me car. Does that mean I have a metal health issue too?

Schelly Jordan

While Ms. McGuffey has offered a fairly emotional concern about this company's incentive, she offers little in cogent observations other than being apparently horrified that this "could only increase violence" here . The "big cities" to which she refers often have some of the most restrictive gun laws extant. Washington DC, LA, Chicago and NYC are shining examples of locales with strict prohibitions re: gun ownership that ALSO share horrifying rates of gun violence. Hmmmm.

Mr. Vanderhoff, bless his heart, has been observed in his writings to tout his lengthy tenure as a Cody resident. As such, he should not be surprised that Park County residents are very interested in protecting their 2nd Amendment's rights. Hunting and shootings sports are very much a part of Wyoming culture and people who engage in such activities have been increasingly demonized by politicians and the media recently.

A number of years ago I worked for a county criminal justice agency in a well-known mid-western city. At one point their juvenile court prepared to destroy the 300+ firearms in their evidence room that had been used by juveniles or possessed by juveniles when arrested. The court asked for observers to witness this disposal on a Saturday and I was one of 4 volunteers. As a gun owner, shooter and hunter (not as much as before as I'm old} I was amazed at the variety of guns that had been confiscated. Most were handguns, some quite collectable, but most were inexpensive and in poor condition...some unfireable to test ballistics. Many had been "rented out" by owners to other youths for a day or so and return after being used. Many had serial #s removed or bores drilled out to prevent ballistic match. My point: NO WHERE IN THE US is a juvenile allowed to purchase and possess/conceal a firearm, much less commit a felony with it. So, how well do gun laws work in this instance? There is an entire underground economy in illicit firearms transactions that gun laws will have zero influence on. Most all gun owners and dealers know this and that's why the old adage "when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns" is a real and absolute truth. As a retired mental health professional I do not see gun ownership/gun rights as a DSM V "mental health disorder" (per Mr. Vanderhoff) or even close.

So, when Mr. Vanderhoff talks about "strident gun owner" he should reflect on his own alleged Cody roots and acknowledge that perhaps his "strident" neighbors know more than he does about the consequences of 2nd Amendment infringement. Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin and Chairman Mao all had one thing in common besides a socialist dictatorship...they all confiscated or severely limited/criminalized gun ownership. "quod vigilanti"

Bill Anderson

Opal mcGuffy maybe you should go and get a life. So they give a gun away for a house purchase, big deal. Must be a Biden retard wanting to take guns away.

Alan Shotts

Not to get into the big gun debate about what an AR-15 is or isn't, I'd like to address her questions.

First, what is "shameful" about this? There are hundreds of people in this community that own AR-15's and you admit it is a peaceful community. What difference will a few more make? You have likely stood in line at the grocery store or post office with some of those people and obviously didn't get attacked.

If you are worried about violence you should be glad the business didn't offer free kitchen knife sets. Knives kill more people in this country than AR-15's or all rifles combined. In fact, I suspect motorcycles are responsible for more deaths.

One of the reasons this community is so safe is that people with violent tendencies know they are very likely to meet someone with a firearm that chooses not to be a victim. We probably have the least number of law enforcement officers per square mile of any state but Alaska, but the rioters and looters don't seem to be interested in us.

Tom Conners

This is directed at some of you nit pickers who seem to think I am lying about what weapons were used in Vietnam.If any of you were actually there,and not just keyboard warriors...there seems to be plenty of those anymore,then you know Vietnam was a testing ground for many weapons,some were discarded as not useful in damp conditions. IMHO the M-16 was a piece of plastic junk,I preferred the M-14 myself,and still do.Since I was in an armored unit,we were issued different weapons for testing and found any of the short barrel carbines to be better adapted for tight quarters. Some even had grease guns and M-1 carbines. Ground pounders mostly carried the M-16. At any rate do not criticize someone who has seen the elephant.

Scott Conger

Tom, as I mentioned before, your service was meritorious. I'm glad to see that you now remember carrying an M-16, which can be used as an automatic weapon, and not a civilian AR-15 which as a semi-automatic, and cannot be used as an automatic weapon. This refutes the original letter writer's (and many others) who refer to the AR-15 as a "Military" weapon. As you have carefully corrected things, it shows that the semi-automatic civilian AR-15 is not, was not, and never was used by the Military. Being accurate, and sticking to facts is not nit-picking unless perhaps one happens to be on the losing end of a debate where one side uses facts and the other uses emotions.

Tom Conners

What do you think AR stands for? ARMALITE..and don't tell me an AR- was not used in Vietnam as it was in the early years of that political conflict.Not every AR was turned in...and there was more than any 10 sent there for testing.Were you there?

Scott Weber

So Opal used her right from the First Amendment to write her letter. Then she says we we don't have any Second Amendment rights to own the most popular rifle in America. Can't have it one way and not the other dear. Or where you came from maybe that country didn't have a right like the Second Amendment.

The AR-15 rifles are used for coyotes, other varmints, target and competitive shooting in Wyoming and all 50 states. They have NEVER been issued to any U.S. military.

This is one of the most anti-American letters I have ever read.

Last year I sold over 500 Ar-15's. I believe in 2021 I will easily sell 1000.

No household should be without one in these times. Great promotional offer for our local roofing company. Guaranteed to boost his business. Well done sir!

- Scott Weber, Cody

Dave Sullivan

This has got to be the most ignorant opinion I have ever seen here. Doing business with this company is having them build you a home. Probably at $300,000+. How many people would have a home built just so they could get a AR-15 when they could just go to Bass Pro and buy one. I have read everything about the offer. It has all the background checks and regulations of any sporting goods store. You mention "military gun" not knowing that there is ZERO use of AR-15s in the military. You mention we live in a community with less violence. Maybe that is because Wyoming has more guns per capita than any state in the union. People here owns guns for hunting, shooting sports and protecting their home and family. They don't go through all the paperwork to commit crimes. It is extremely stupid to even think hundreds of people are going to spend money to have a home built just to get a free gun to go out and commit crimes.

Tom Conners

I am well aware of the difference between an AR-15 and a MIL-SPEC weapon.But...many civilians do not know the difference so they refer to all "look a likes" as AR-15 thinking all apples in the barrel are the same.My use of one dates back to Vietnam era before any civilian type AR's were widely available.

Tom Conners

As for your analogy of the home builders in are spot on about their "deal".

Scott Conger

Where are YOU from, Opal? That is just about the most popular firearm in America, and probably further news to you, has never, not ever, been used by the military. Any military. You live in one of the most heavily armed counties per capita, in one of the most heavily armed states, and it hasn't bothered you until today?

Tom Conners

"has never, not ever, been used by the military. Any military"...What have you been smoking? The AR-15 has been around since Stoner designed it in the 1950's and was used extensively in Vietnam and every conflict since.I know I used one myself in Vietnam.

Dave Sullivan

When a company says they have a Mil-Spec bolt carrier group, then they have built a BCG within those military specs. The same set of terms can be applied to every part of an AR-15, from the barrel to the stock. However, an AR-15 without an automatic function is not technically military-grade.

Scott Conger

Tom, in 1961, a full total of 10 AR-15's were sent to South Vietnam for jungle testing, and it was not a success. Armalite subsequently sold the patent to Colt and production of the M-16 began in 1963. This is a fully automatic weapon that is not for sale to the general public and has never been for sale to the general public. To purchase one, you must have around $15K+ lounging around doing nothing, register your first born with the government and then try to find one that was built before 1986, when ownership of all newer automatic guns was forbidden. Now, If you carried one in Vietnam, then you must have been a soldier for the Republic of South Vietnam, or simply remember carrying a firearm that looks just like an AR-15, or are just not being honest and substituting fantasy for facts. I know I will not sway someone with a 45+ year old memory who has a predisposition to believe inanimate objects are evil, but hope this information educates some other casual reader. In any event, serving in Vietnam was a noble if not appreciated (at the time) endeavor. Good for you and "thank you" to you and all our Vets.

Joe Whittaker

No, you used an M-16 in Vietnam. Not an AR-15. You should know the difference.

Tom Conners

It is not

where these people are from" is the mentality people have acquired from far right propaganda outlets on the radio,TV and so called social media. America is sick from clowns that worship these types of weapons meant for war...not killing Bambi the deer. I doubt if many have ever seen war or the problems war causes.

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