Downtown roads are just about clear of construction, the gunfighters are returning to the street by The Irma, and the Cody Nite Rodeo starts Saturday.

It may not be the same as last year’s typical summer season, but some semblance of that is taking shape.

Tourists most certainly are not in town in the same numbers as usual for June, but they’re here. 

Restaurants are able to welcome more patrons with looser restrictions and other businesses aren’t as hampered as they were under the previous public health orders.

Mini golf is back in City Park, visitors ride horses behind the Buffalo Bill Center of the West and rafters are floating down the Shoshone River.

We think if you haven’t already, now is a perfect time to, safely and with social distancing, patronize our local businesses and help them weather what has been an awful storm for much of the spring. 

There are very few positives in the anecdotes offered by local business owners, especially those tied to summer tourism. This summer those businesses may need to rely more on locals due to the decline in travelers. 

If there were a silver lining to our topsy turvy spring, it was seeing the outpouring of support from people in town to help those in need, whether picking up groceries for someone at high risk or making facemasks for health care workers.

Now those of us who have the means to do so can help simply by patronizing our local businesses.

Heck, Stampede Parade Committee president Lee Ann Reiter said she sees a boost to the downtown economy as a key benefit of being able to hold downtown parades July 2-4.

“Go have lunch at a restaurant, go shopping and come to the parades,” she said.

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Support local businesses? Maybe if the Enterprise would quit running flyers from out of state owned Corporate businesses that have carpet bagged Cody, you news folks could lead by example


Cody's stubborn ( and to my mind stupid ) response to Covid 19 in putting its first priority on cash registers ahead of public health pandemic mitigation is typical of my hometown.

There are three ways to do things in the Wyoming socioeconomic world : the right way , the wrong way , and the Cody way.

Rushing to reopen the rodeos and tourist attractions, ramping up the restaurants and retail sales in the face of importing the SARS Cov-2 virus to town in motor vehicles in spite of knowing full well Covid-19 cases are on the increase - not decrease - statewide regionally and nationally and there is neither cure nor vaccine, is irrational at the least. Irresponsible for sure. Which is what I have rebaned our two rodeos...IrrRodeos... for Irresponsible Rodeo. The tourists and diehard local rodeo fans come to the rodeo on Saturday night, and we can all pick up our free virus downtown on Wednesday, facemasks nowhere to be seen on 80 percent of shoppers and sidewalk drifters. Covid 19 Cody 2020 and its utter denial of Consequences of Actions.

It all reminds me of the closing scene from the excellent satire movie " The Magic Christian " starring Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr. The billionaire and his adopted son are sitting on a park bench. They had a large portable wading pool with 3 foot steel walls installed in the public park, and filled it to the brim with the most vile stuff imagineable...blood , urine , offal , muck , raw sewage... ad absurdum.

Then they floated a bale of paper currency bills on top of the horribleness, and sat back for some People Watching at its finest..

Predictably, people climbed into the muck and waded furiously , jostling, grabbing up as muchas the money floating around as they could . With no thought of the consequence.

Oh well. Human Nature being what it is, Cody remains what it want to be . I have not been to a Stampede Rodeo in 11 years, and the last rodeo attended was in Meeteetse some years ago. The adage says ' if you've seen one rodeo you've rpetty much seen them all ...'. But if I were a billionaire I might put up one of them wading pools down by the Irma and sit back to watch my fellow humans nominate themselves for a Darwin Award in pursuit of floating paper and plastic dollars...


Good analogy.


Wood shop locally if they are competitive with anybody around us but they're not there for that Almighty dollar makeup

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