To the editor:

Kudos to Jesse Campbell for his Letter to the Editor in the Thursday, January 28 edition, in which he addressed the truth about Antifa. It is refreshing to hear from a young person who is so bright, knowledgeable, decisive and articulate.

Last year, then-candidate Joe Biden stated his belief that Antifa was not an organization but rather merely an idea. The radical acts cited by Jesse Campbell make it abundantly clear that Antifa is much more than idea, and is indeed an organization – a dangerous one for sure. All the sedition, looting and rioting that ensued throughout the summer of 2020 were stunningly ignored or excused by both the untrustworthy mainstream media and the Democrat Party to suit their own narrative.

During a presidential debate last year, the moderator asked then-candidate Biden what he thought about Critical Race Theory. Candidate Biden seemed genuinely stumped by the question, and picked up on the one word that he understood – “race”. 

He dodged the serious question with a vague protest that we must be sensitive to race. A huge red flag is that President Biden has nominated Kristen Clarke, a proponent of Critical Race Theory, to head the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division. Was this person not vetted? 

Unlike Antifa, which is an actual organization, Critical Race Theory is so far merely an idea – but a dangerous and divisive one. Its main propositions are that people of European descent are inherently and irredeemably racist, and that Western society is divided into two warring groups – the oppressors and the oppressed. The first part carries the strong threat that white people need to be reprogrammed, probably against their will. So now we can look forward to the Thought Police? The second part sets citizens up to regard each other as adversaries. Does any of this promote unity and healing? Citizens need to be aware of this vile idea that is gaining currency in progressive circles. We need to be sure it does not infiltrate public school curricula.

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

(s) sheila leach


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