With primary election filings complete, now is the time to ensure that come the summer election, we’re all well-educated voters.

The task ahead is one of the most important for a citizen of this country, and no matter whom you vote for, it’s crucial people don’t vote blindly.

We hope everyone who can vote does so and, whether by mail-in ballot or in-person, does so with knowledge of the candidates and issues.

It’s important for locals because we have the chance to decide every person who represents our interests in Cheyenne, with Cody’s state senate seat and the two houses seats covering the area up for grabs.

And it’s not too early to learn more. Absentee balloting for the primary begins July 2 and the primary is scheduled for Aug. 18.

These are important positions and worthy of good candidates, of which we have many for some of those positions.

However, some seats, namely city council, saw little interest, drawing just one candidate per position. We applaud those who did file, but hope to see more interest going forward as competition breeds success and it’s important to keep politicians honest.

For those people still interested in public office but who aren’t running for a position in the primary, there are still opportunities to serve.

Candidate filings for school and college boards open Aug. 5.

So learn about all of the candidates competing in the primary and, if you’re so inclined, consider running yourself in a nonpartisan or partisan election.

Zac Taylor

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People better pay particular attention to who will be roosting in the White House the next four years if you want America to make any progress.While we are at it...how about term limits for ALL politicians...especially in the Congress and Senate.

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