To the editor:

Remember when our academic institutions stood by their words? 

UW Trustees approved a spring semester plan Dec. 16, 2020. The semester was to include 10 weeks of in-person instruction, face-to-face classes, starting Monday, Jan. 25. Unfortunately for my family, we have three in Laramie attending UW and are on the hook for paying rent until next May. Already my daughter has been notified by two so-called teachers that her classes will once again be online and not on campus. 

No campus swimming pool, gym or clubs to meet other students. I would bet that there have been more suicides, drug addictions, alcohol abuse from the shutdown than the virus would have ever done.

Some classes need in-person instruction like engineering and art. Being subjected to a screen for hours upon hours is not good. The weather in Wyoming is hazardous enough and being forced to be isolated in a crummy apartment day after day with only online classes like last semester is almost criminal.

If our university cannot provide a good and decent experience, then shut it down. Why waste students’ traveling expenses, room fees, etc., when all they will enjoy are online classes? I guess UW wants our kids to live at home and do online classes. Too bad Wyoming doesn’t enjoy good internet speeds, especially if one household has say maybe five folks trying to be on the computer at the same time.

Pray that our education can once again be delivered by dedicated teachers with a love of turning on students to new worlds and solid skills to get them through life.

(s) Tricia baldwin


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