To the editor:

I would like to comment on Pat Stuart’s column on Tuesday, Sept. 29. 

While Ruth Bader Ginsburg may have improved the plight of women in the eyes of some, she was, in fact, instrumental in facilitating the breakdown of society. As anyone who has studied civilization knows, the building block of society-civilization is the family which includes Mom, Dad and children. The breakup of the family causes the downfall of civilization. The fact is that we, in this country alone, have murdered over 60,000,000 innocent, unborn babies in what is supposed to be the safest place on Earth, the mother’s womb, since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. 

Ginsburg was a strong advocate of so-called reproductive and abortion rights as she declared in her confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court in 1993. May God have mercy on the soul of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

(s) leslie maslak


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Very true Leslie, abortion is a terrible thing. Thank you for writing to the editor about this.

Bob In Park County

Unfortunate to see the Biden crowd has arrived in Park County. Rather then address a comment thoughtfully, just call the commenter names (ignorant / from the dark ages). When did the defense of life become ignorant or a dark ages concept?

Jim Jones

Dewey's been around a long time. He has yet to successfully articulate his positions.

Fox Blue River

Jim jones you got caught lying and called out by the Cody department of health, you're the town liar, go away.

Jim Jones

Cody doesn't have a Department of Health.


Something that I failed to note previously, but will now, is that there was no hatred or vitriol in her letter, and in her final statement, the OP expressed a level of charity and generosity towards Ginsberg, that I rarely if ever see coming from the "enlightened" class.


Regarding the several facts that were penned: the OP's letter that was not incorrect in a single one.

Her one opinion statement equating abortion to murder, is an opinion held by many, including a great majority of those living during the middle ages, so to smuggly dismiss this opinion, takes liberties with many millions of people's beliefs. Dismissing this opinion as backward or arrogant is what makes many millions of people fear the jack-boot of "correctness" that DeweyV and others would impose on a previously free citizenry, if given half a chance.

Fox Blue River

This was sad and painful to read, I'm hurt that ignorance like this exists here.

Jim Jones

Fox Blue River,

Like EVERY liberal you are incapable making a rational argument. Go ahead, educate the ignorant.

If words hurt, may I suggest a change of residency to a country without the First Amendment where you can blissfully live pain-free?

Fox Blue River

Your a lying liar and your opinion doesn't matter anymore. You were directly responded to by Dr Billin in the paper yesterday and you were lying to try to hurt people and advance your position I think it's time you stop commenting.


Excellent letter Leslie! Well said.

P Demoney

Myopic much?

john d

thanks well said.


Curious to know if this letter was postmarked from the Dark Ages...


Dewey, I agree.

Jim Jones

No, Dewey. It came from one of your Wyoming neighbors. You know about Wyoming, don't you? We voted 71.6% Trump in 2016. We're the reddest, most conservative state in the Union. Can't wait for Trump's latest Supreme Court nominee to be confirmed. By the way, I'm still not wearing a mask so you better stay inside with your windows closed and taped shut.

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