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Todd Valley

The second misinformed assumption by the publisher of the Cody Enterprise is that the Fourth of July is a particularly strong period for lodging in Cody… It is not.

Maybe if the hotels and motels in Cody, didn't raise their prices to an astronomical rate like $350 to $400 a night just for the 4 days around the fourth of July, maybe more guests would be willing to come to Cody! That would help to increase the "Heads in a bed"! Cody hotels and motels seem to raise their prices significantly durin those 4 days, and then after drop them to more reasonable prices.

Joe Whittaker

It's simple supply & demand. What do you propose? Should the government come in and dictate prices? Why are you so anti-capitalism? If people are willing to pay the $350 - $400 a night, then let them.

Justin Smith

Joe, you didn't even read what he wrote; you just used the opportunity to radically swerve in to Tucker Carlson speak. He literally said he has first hand knowledge of hotels not being full and prices exceeding demand.

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