Editor’s note: All proposed K-12 textbooks are available for review in the Cody Library prior to being voted on for adoption.

To the editor:

Last week our Ambassador to the U.N. preached before the world that America is “racist from its founding documents” and that our nation should have no ethical force before the world. How helpful. 

Our glorious President affirmed this view, and doubled down by offering large sums of money to any school district in the nation that will teach a curriculum largely featuring American slavery and racism since 1619. He has also withdrawn federal funds for celebratory fireworks on Independence Day at Mount Rushmore, and has canceled the annual Memorial Day motorcycle parade in D.C. to honor our sacred war dead. 

If you are unaware of this, I worry that you are sitting in front of “main stream media” that have for some time been selling hate and division 24/7 in order to sell soap. President Biden and his minions are offering to finance a corruption of our children’s social and history curriculum, inflicting violence on history, and inviting our children to hate our country. Permit me to doubt that this works for community. 

The American people will not reward Biden for throwing our country, society and history under a bus any better than they did former President Jimmy Carter before him. While we await the broom that will in 18 months begin sweeping out this harmful dross, we are not helpless. 

We can begin defense of our children by examining, carefully, what they are being taught in school today. All social studies, history and social science texts and materials employed in our schools K-12 should be made available for perusal and examination by the public in our excellent library. This simple exercise in transparency can help ensure our children are given an education that will teach them due pride in their nation’s accomplishments. China permits nothing but “patriotic education.”

(s) rod hall


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Jim Guelde

Rod Hall… thank you for a most excellent commentary.

Rod Hall

Mr. Leach's "staff" intervention is partially helpful, but only partially so. (I refer to Mr. Leach respectfully with his civic title, as do not believe we have met). I am certain that he intended to offer clarifying information. However, his clarification It makes clear the the review process is by no means simple, and that public access to textual and curricular changes proposed is only intermittent. Finally the public is entirely reliant upon this paper for notices of when, and how, they can participate in the review process. The editor's note appended to my letter appeared to suggest these materials are always available. They are not. With respect to Mr. Leach, as a friend of mine was fond of asking, "if everything's alright, how come I don't feel good?" It's unclear to me what role this paper has in jumping up to intervene queries that elected and appointed education officials in this community should address. Such conduct is eerily akin to the evident anxiety of Biden's press secretary to jump up and ensure Mr. Biden does not actually field a question from the press, at any time. I am certain this is not the intention of the staff of *Cody Enterprise* and so I advise them that they can best uphold their journalistic credibility by refraining from such interventions in future. Let us hear from our education officials, and not from you please.

Scott Weber

You won't believe what you see when preview the proposed history books for this district and all school children.... There is so much historical revision you won't recognize your own country. Many incorrect facts, distortions and a "rigged deck" to somehow include every minority ever in the USA.... Now you know why many concerned parents have removed their children from public school and are home schooling them or sending them to a faith-based schools or private school or in exasperation starting their own schools!

We investigated just who "wrote" these textbooks and we found quickly they are extremely LIBERAL university professors. Of course.

Preview some and get back to me. It will horrify you.....

Rod Hall

I am going to visit the library and see what I can see. Last month I was there and saw some math books on display. I asked if there were any history, social studies, social science textbooks available for review. I was told there were not at present, the library displays what the school district gives them to display for review and comment. Neither does the editor's comment address WHO "votes" on textbook adoption. We can't avoid discussing these issues, and they are not going to go away. Per Burke "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing." Faith based schooling and home schooling are, of course, on the rise. It's sad that it is necessary.

Why is it necessary? American national collective identity is creedal. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and shared allegiance to the institution of the republic that these statements of secular and civic faith that these documents constitute, as well a shared sacrifice against foreign enemies, provides the civic spirit that holds this nation together. It is precisely these documents and institutions, and the civic spirit underlying them, that are under attack by the left. The CRT debacle is even more absurd because (be assured, I was an academic for 25 years) it does not even come out of social science. It comes from "lit crit" (criticism of literature). English and modern language departments at universities across the nation have no real means of assessing the quality of the work of their faculty. Literature is not "science" and it is not history. There is no fact checking and no standards by which the merit of scholarship on literature may be evaluated. The chimera that there is something called critical race theory that has an intellectual basis in anything but the opinions of "critical" scholars of literature (e.g.fiction) is a travesty. This is a high price for the nation to pay because the Modern Language Association can't generate any standards by which to judge the work of their members who teach on university faculties.

A larger civil disobedience movement is afoot. State and local governments can protect themselves from usurpation from authoritarian federal incursions. Ultimately, per Henry David Thoreau, and Hanna Arendt, civil disobedience becomes a duty. States have already passed first and second amendment protection bills (like no CRT in our schools and no more gun restriction laws in my state). This means these states simply will not obey. Nor should they. The day is coming when Wyoming and other energy states will (and should) simply issue state permits for drilling on federal lands, and invite Biden to send federal troops to stop it if he doesn't like it. It would make him wear his true colors (and jackboots). So, dictate away, Uncle Joe Stalin (errr... I meant Biden). But we will not obey. Make us!

Joshua Leach


To address the first part of your comment, yes, at the moment, the district is only considering new math textbooks, which is why they are on display at the library. The district has made textbooks available for public review whenever they are considering changes, as they did two years ago with social studies textbooks. See https://www.codyenterprise.com/news/local/article_6e09a084-41b5-11e8-b42d-578cf89fdaf7.html for more on that.

The district also makes it known through public meetings and legal notices in the Enterprise that new textbooks are being considered and are available for review.

As for who votes on new textbooks, here is the condensed version. Texts are selected by a review team within the school district, then presented to the school board. The school board members will then vote in a public meeting to make the texts available for the public to review, then vote on final adoption after the review period ends. The vote on final adoption is also at a public meeting.

I hope that helps clear it up!

-- Joshua Leach, education reporter

Stu Martin

What? No comments about being a teacher in Cody? Ooops... student teacher!

Pete Demoney

Devoid of facts.

Rod Hall

All of the quotes of Biden's UN Rep and Biden himself, as well as his anti-American directives, are well reported. Your "comment" is devoid of content.

Rod Hall

There is nothing childish or petulant about civil disobedience. It's serious business. The point of the challenge to "make us" obey is precisely that the Biden's government has no way to make states, and the people in them, obey it's absurd arbitrary and capricious "pooh-bah" issued dictates and decrees. Federalism and constitutionally codified separations of power are only one reason they can't make us obey. All of Biden's executive orders will ultimately be struck down by the federal courts, and if not there by SCOTUS (which is precisely why they left wants to pack the court). Bur more importantly, the states and their people, in order to suffer the results of these fiat order, would have to actually, voluntarily, and willingly comply. It's like income tax. The federal government relies almost entirely on voluntary compliance with the "requirement" that all Americans file income tax returns annually. Clearly a lot of them do not. Biden and his commisars are POWERLESS in the face of state refusals to comply with his orders. He knows it, but is not yet acting as if he understands the gig is up. Yesterday he issued another meaningless "pooh-bah" order (or was it simply a "threat"?) that those who decline to get a vaccine injection will be require to wear masks indefinitely. How absurd. How on earth would he or his commisars enforce that in a nation where nearly half of the population doesn't even believe he was duly elected? How can he expect to have any credibility at all? The constitution does not confer on the presidency the powers of a pooh-bah, pasha, Emperor, Chief or General Secretary. Biden is powerless in the face of concerted resistance - which does not even have to be organized resistance - witness the increasing non-compliance with Fauci's mask fetish and low rates of accepting vaccination that is increasingly widely available and free. (Caveat, I find politicization of the vaccine to be unwise). This is America. Our government is our servant, not our masters. We have no obligation, constitutional or otherwise, to comply with arbitrary tyranny. Quite the opposite, we have a moral and civic duty to disobey tyranny. So yes, make us! You can't? Of course you can't, so shut up and go away.

Dewey Vanderhoff

Remember the toilet paper shortage just a year ago ? Judging from this letter, the next scary shortage might very well be a run on tinfoil. The urgent handcrafting of all those security chapeaus , Stetson liners , and various Faraday braincaps since Joe and Kamala took office will become a stampede .

Rod Hall


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