Wrong on so many levels.

Someone from out of state writing a letter to this newspaper expressing dismay about recording star Kanye West moving to Cody is insulting.

And saying West’s arrival means Wyoming is no longer worth visiting on vacation is preposterous.

We are in the midst of a lesson in decency that should not have to be explained, but given the current mood of the country, the regular bursts of both incivility and sometimes violence, reminders may be necessary.

There is inevitably an undercurrent of racism attached to this too, because West is African-American.

Doubtless, the Washington state writer complaining about church services and Wyoming likely to be ruined by Hollywood types would declare that a misreading of the intent.

The letter’s writer has been a longtime visitor to Wyoming and now says “I am heartbroken to see the real Wyoming may no longer be a tourism draw for me and others” and “Those of us who appreciate the West are sorely disappointed people throwing money around as Kanye and Kim (wife Kim Kardashian) are doing are starting to diminish the authenticity of the state and the western way of life. I am shaking my head in disbelief. This makes me so sad.”

As am I after reading such a letter trumpeting “There goes the neighborhood.” And as are several others who responded to it on Facebook. The issue of race was raised.

The reality of the church service was this: A single outdoor event on the grounds of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West astoundingly attracting thousands of people from around the region on two days notice, was well-received, even by people I never would have guessed would be attendees.

After the initial national attention accompanying West’s multi-million-dollar purchase of the Monster Lake Ranch, an entity on the Meeteetse Highway struggling to make it as a fishing lodge for years, West’s main Cody impact has been investing in the local economy.

He bought land and has announced plans to run businesses here and bring jobs to Park County.

When all we hear about is growing budget deficits and the need to make cuts in spending, that should make him a hero.

West and Kardashian previously had stayed in Jackson. Jackson has long attracted Hollywood celebrities for skiing and such and is as different as Jackson is from the rest of Wyoming, the Cowboy State survives.

West is a prominent show business figure. His rap music has been wildly successful. He seems to be in the midst of a career focus switch, embracing religiously related music.

The websites and publications that cover that industry have been all over that. But paparazzi have yet to clog WYO 120 outside the gates of the renamed West Lake.

And as for the rest of the busy outside Wyoming world besides the distraught letter writer, people might just not be keeping up with the Wests.

I informed a friend via email West had moved to Cody. Time passed and then he wrote back, “Who was it who moved to Cody? Beyonce?”

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