Humbug. My list of pet peeves has surpassed my tolerance limit, meaning it’s time to unload.

At the top? Those who won’t wear masks, especially those working in stores. Yup, I’m in the vulnerable category, yet I’m also in the category of people who respect reasonable requests from those in the know, who want to protect those they encounter and who expect reciprocal consideration.

Until vaccines are delivered, the welfare of the community trumps noncompliance with the governor’s mask mandate.

Next, snowy, icy residential sidewalks. I believe a city ordinance places the responsibility of clearing walkways on the adjacent residents, with plenty of latitude, 24 hours, to complete the task. Shady areas are particularly treacherous. While I’m fortunate to have an energetic neighbor who often takes shovel or broom to my snowy sidewalk, sometimes before sunup, alas, another neighbor, a religious establishment, clears only a portion of its block.

Third, canine poop, an appropriate pet peeve [yes, pun intended]. My gripes isn’t with the dogs, actually, it’s with their handlers when they don’t pick up the deposits. [Disclaimer: I don’t have a dog now but enjoy well-behaved ones.]

As a frequent stroller on the Paul Stock Nature Trail, I see the gradual buildup of canine contributions along both sides of the route, especially near the entrance off Riverside Drive, and wonder: Do the handlers not see the dispenser with plastic mitts, free for the taking, for performing the cleanup task?

Do dog-walkers not understand that they’re expected to pick up after their pets?

I have encountered one handler who occasionally collects not only her pooch’s poop but also the deposits from others. She deserves a halo and copycats.

Last, grouchy old people. Egad, c’est moi! So, please let me turn the peeves into positives by saying that I do appreciate those who wear masks in public spaces or at least keep six feet away from me.

I do appreciate those who clear their sidewalks and consider extending their efforts to their neighbor’s property. And I do appreciate those who patrol their pets’ poop. With some common courtesy, humbug can be vanquished.

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A lady who expressed my thoughts so eloquently. Wear the darned masks. I almost lost my husband recently to COVID. He was not one of the more prominent members of the Cody community (as a recent article in the enterprise put forth). No he was just a regular guy here in Cody, who almost died from COVID. He spent 8 days in the hospital (most of them in critical care). I almost lost this man. I understand freedom of rights, but just wait until you almost lose a family member to this virus; I bet you change your tune.


Cheryde, I wish your husband the quickest and most complete of recoveries. None of what either of you experienced could have been easy either physically or emotionally. With respect to the request that we all wear masks, I would respectfully say that only in 2020 has mankind determined that a mask will stop an airborne illness. There are a myriad of data and articles stating just the opposite, including a 2006 emergency plan for law enforcement from the DOJ which on p12 states that in the event or an airborne contageon, "masks are all but useless" other than to keep the wearer from placing contaminated fingers on or in their mouth When we follow the science, or follow Civil Defense protocols, or the DOJ briefs for law enforcement operating during a pandemic, regarding the appropriate response to a Pandemic, we are invariably led time and again to statements indicating that masks are not effective for what we are all experiencing. Everyone is frightened and feeling powerless...being given a job to do for the greater good, ie: wear the mask, is and has been nothing more than a distraction to keep people calm and orderly when for some, their first reaction is to panic. I'd say that it has done it's job. Your family and my family will both be glad when this is behind us, as will many others, I'm sure.

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