To the editor:

As chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, Senator Ron Johnson’s opening statement at the Aug. 21 hearing on the U.S. Postal Service contains false and misleading claims.

Sen. Johnson stated, “The bipartisan Postal Board of Governors engaged a professional search firm that identified Louis DeJoy as an outstanding candidate with the necessary background and skill set to tackle the enormous challenges of the postal system.”

This is false. Robert M. Duncan, chairman of the Postal Service’s Board of Governors, has admitted that DeJoy was not included in the list of 53 candidates provided by the search firm. Duncan himself added DeJoy to the list of candidates.

Johnson also asserted: “The bipartisan governors then unanimously, again let me repeat that, they unanimously approved his appointment as Postmaster General.”

This is misleading. Mr. DeJoy was appointed by the USPS Board of Governors in May. Board of Governors’ member David Williams resigned from the board in April because he objected to DeJoy’s imminent appointment. Williams was a Trump appointee who had previously served as USPS Inspector General. According to Williams: “I recently resigned as the vice chairman of the Postal Board of Governors when it became clear to me that the administration was politicizing the Postal Service.”

Americans deserve facts. The reliability of the Post Office is essential to the integrity of the Nov. 3 election and to our democracy.

(s) terry hansen

Hales Corner, Wis.

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I am sorry but the post office is not and has not been reliable for many many years. And if you are not smart enough to understand that vote by mail is nothing but fraud then you are dishonest.

Fox Blue River

Trex, like most conservative nonsense these days you have absolutely 100% no proof of that. It's something Trump pulled out of his rear end and you blindly agree with it.


Sorry fox I was here long before Trump came on the scene, only people with no common sense wants people to vote without any proof they are who they say they are, oh yeah just go mail something and see the inefficiencies your self. But one must be honest with oneself.


Fox Blue River there is proof that mail-in voting is a very realistic reason for voter fraud. If you would do a little research for yourself instead of getting all your news from CNN you could see it for yourself. A federal judge ordered a new state election in New Jersey because of it. If a state election can't get it right how is a national election supposed to. The USPS has been a disaster for years. The USPS lost $8.8 billion in 2019. I can't believe anyone can be so stupid as to want an election for the county's federal officials to be determined by the efficiency of the postal service. There would be votes coming in and counted for weeks if not months. 90% of Americans want to know when they wake up the morning of November 4th who the president is. After all, it is called Election Day not election month. The only way to insure that is with in person voting with an ID. The liberals don't want that. They want illegals and dead people to be able to vote. That is the only way Dementia Joe could have a chance to win.

Fox Blue River

Trump wants to destroy the post office if it means him getting elected. I smelled the coffee three years ago and realized he was a sociopath only concerned with benefiting himself.

The crazy thing is no matter how awful or egregious Trump's actions are including his attacks on the postal service, social security, pre-existing conditions with health insurance, the court system, the FBI.. no matter how bizarre his actions people defend him.

I quit my church and lost most of the respect I had for older people over this. The attack on the Post Office is just the latest thing that will be forgotten next week when he commits another atrocity.

Jim Jones

You quit your church over a non-existing attack on the Post Office? What will quit after find out Blacks and Hispanics reached their lowest unemployment rates under Trump? There's an atrocity. With any luck, you'll quit Cody and move to San Fancisco.

Joe Battin

Jimmy... when will you be moving back to where you came to Wyoming from...soon?

Joe Battin

And you will quit whining and complaining!

Jim Jones

Why would someone from Hale Corner, WI write a letter to the editor to the Cody Enterprise in Cody, Wyoming? Why would the Cody Enterprise print a letter to the editor from someone who can't spell the name of his town correctly? It's Hales Corners, not Hales Corner. If you're going to fake an anti-Trump letter to the editor, do a your homework.

Fox Blue River

Except they are right and you are still an angry old nincompoop.

Joe Battin

Wow! A grammar mistake for the Chief Grammar Officer. “... do a your homework!” For in a glass house must be difficult!

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