Like most people, there have been times these past couple of months that the phrase “How can this be happening?” has crossed my mind.

I’ve said it out loud, whether to BeBe and Toby, my brother, friends or myself. I’m first struck by the fact it’s only been a couple of months. Does anyone else think it feels much longer?

I haven’t really asked the question about the virus itself. I think, and hope, I’m smart enough to know there is much in this world we don’t know or understand and we’re foolish to think we do. More importantly, we’re foolish to think there are quick and easy answers to the unknowns that outnumber the knowns.

My query has been related to the myriad of things that are happening that I never thought I would live to see, much less live to see here in America. With many of the things that are happening, my sheer sense of terror increases. I guess we all have our own bubble we live in. I’m no different.

How does this happen? I try to picture myself attempting to, or even wanting to, enter a business that hires mercenaries armed with automatic weapons to deter law enforcement agencies from enforcing the laws. I may think and believe some laws are outdated or inane, but I am adult enough to recognize that, for the time being, they are the laws.

If I want to shield myself with the Constitution or the flag, I probably should take the time to know what one says and the other stands for. If I’m hiring mercenaries, it’s likely I don’t know either.

How does this happen? Someone pleads guilty to two felonies. These felonies were a crime against the country, meaning me, though it does feel a couple of degrees removed. Regardless, the crime is against me and every citizen. This individual has friends in high places, and gets the plea and sentence voided, solely because of friends in high places.

What if I’m robbed, molested or worse, and the perp pleads guilty? But, with friends in high places I’m asked to swallow hard to let the crime and plea go away. Now, because of precedent, this is a possibility one would never have imagined a few short months ago. Rule of law?

How does this happen? Humanity expendable. This virus has pulled the curtain back on how little life really means, especially to some who pat themselves on the back for their supposed pro-life stance. We have a federal department secretary blaming the already poor health of some for their own deaths because they were silly enough to be infected with the virus; we have some saying that “hey, people die every day, so what’s the problem?” We have some even suggesting that those who are high risk should do their duty to the country, and some pocketbooks, and consider it an honor to die for their country. Which life matters?

How does this happen? I look around and don’t recognize much of what I see. The examples abound and won’t fit in this small space. It’s more terrifying than the virus.

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Fox Blue River

They kneeled at a football game and said it was for equal rights and the old white boomers said "they are disrespectful of the flag, they hate our military." Now the same people wonder why there is violence. 400 years of hard racism and not being heard.

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