To the editor:

We are endorsing Sandy Newsome in her bid for a second term in the District 24 House of Representative seat. 

Sandy is a longtime Cody resident and has invested herself tirelessly for the people of Wyoming. She is a local businesswoman and has logged countless hours as a volunteer for various organizations, too many to list here. 

She has an amazing work ethic and moral compass that stays true. She makes herself available to discuss issues and researches bills before voting on them. Due to living in Wyoming for many years, she truly knows the pulse of those who put her in office the first time and will work just as hard during her second term. 

If you are interested in what is best for the citizens of Wyoming, you will want to cast a vote for Sandy Newsome. 

Don & Sherrie Frame


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I wouldn't support anybody that doesn't support me she does not support me I'm an outdoor enthusiast I hunt and provide food for my family and my friends she has no idea don't vote for Sandy


I look forward to canceling your vote in November Jimmy!

Gunrunner Auctions

Mr. Frame must not have done his homework regarding HD 24 rep Sandy Newsome as she voted against firearms in the 2019 session of the Wyoming Legislature and in the 2020 Wyoming Legislature she voted to kill AirMedCare which gave thousands of Basin sportsmen and sportswomen air ambulance total coverage for a $65 a year membership. After Newsome's vote it will cost between $18,000 and $30,000 for a hunter to be picked up and transported to a Cody hospital.

Newsome's wayward vote against hunters and other Basin folks in remote areas, will change the course of hunting in Northwest Wyoming as many hunters with medical problems will NOT be able to get up into the hills without the confidence of AirMedCare's medical helicopters on call.

I don't know how Mr. and Mrs. Frame could say that this Sandy Newsome has the community's best interest in mind, as surely does not. Or she just didn't read the bill correctly. Her work ethic is very poor - in two years she only introduced TWO bills with her name on it.... So that may account for her vote to drive out a wonderful Cody company.....

She voted against two HUGE issues. And Mr. Frame is the head of a sportsmen's organization that promotes hunting as well as firearms.

It pays to research voting records prior to recommending a candidate.


Once again a transplant from Ohio telling the good people of Cody that they should not vote for a sensible candidate because he has done the research so you don’t have to!

Jim Jones

I just received a mailer from MASA Medical Transport Solutions inviting me to a seminar at the Irma on June 22. They provide emergency medical transport for the low, low subscription price of $645 Per person per year. According to the mailer, they contract third parties to provide transportation services.

Sandy Newsom voted for legislation that caused Reach medical helicopter services to leave Wyoming. Reach charged $65 per person per year.

Newsome's website proves how little understanding she has of the bills she votes on. Sandy claims House Bill 194 has a "provision allowing companies to offer subscription or membership plans relating to air ambulance transport services after they meet basic Department of Insurance standards just like other companies do. These are basic consumer protection requirements so folks can be confident they will get what they are paying for."

Well, it seems that MASA Medical Transport Solutions can evade the so called consumer protections of House Bill 194 by using third parties to provide medical transportation.

Let me 'splain something to you, Sandy. I'd rather pay $65 dollars per year to a company that owns its fleet of helicopters than $645 to a company that owns no helicopters and contracts with God knows who to provide medical evac flights. Paying $645 per year to a contractor affords ZERO consumer protection.

Teem, take your own advice and do your research. At the very least you can hire an attorney to explain House Bill 194.

Jim Jones

Vote for Sandy 'cause she's sensible! How about doing your homework, Teem?

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