To the editor:

Cat White’s Aug. 25th letter to the editor asks that the community “put pressure on the private citizen who owns the land” where the DON’T CALIFORNIA OUR CODY billboard is located. I am that individual, my name is Ron Hill.

As a dedicated and long-standing member of this community, I’d ask you to be reminded of the following:

• Private property rights – As the landowner, I have private property rights;

• Business owner rights – The owner of the sign company has the right to run his/her business in any manner that they see fit as long as it is not in violation of any law in our free market system;

• Freedom of speech – The individual who paid for the billboard has freedom of speech;

• Interpretation – Each individual interprets the meaning of this sign differently and;

• Precedent – Demanding the removal of the billboard sets a precedent to eliminate other venues of free speech in our community.

Go ahead and attack me. I can handle it. However, there is zero tolerance for attacking the fundamental foundation of what makes our community and our country great – the principles of private property rights, free market business rights and the freedom of speech.

(s) ron Hill


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Thomas Lewis

Idea for another billboard: "Don't JacksonHolify our Cody."

Robert Whitney

Once upon a time Kalifornia was a rather Conservative state with a few pockets of liberal lunacy, the problem is that the cancer has spread throughout the state and many are fleeing the insanity. With the many Conservatives escaping sadly a few of the loons are coming on their coat tails and this is where the problem lies.

The sign is a "in your face" reminder (as I see it) to stay Vigilant and to protect the Cody Way of life as It has been proven the cancer of LiberalIsm spreads quickl.

Tom Fischer


Scott Weber

Ron Hill: 2021 Cody Businessman of the Year.

Jim Guelde

Well said, Mr. Hill… well said.

Tom Conners

I have to agree with the author of this letter as America is still a free country...for now....and the Constitution along with the Bill of Rights still applies...for now. So it really is mind over matter...and what's on so many naysayers minds really doesn't matter.

Schelly Jordan

Thank you Mr. Hill for responding to Ms. White's letter in such a thoughtful, organized and fact-based manner. My husband and friends were out of town (no not CA, just a camp in the Big Horns) when Ms. White's delightful missive arrived. I had just read hers and had responded when I noticed your letter to the Editor. Couldn't agree more with you, Mr. Hill. I particularly liked points #3 involving "freedom of speech" and #4 regarding "Interpretation" as I too referenced them in my response to Ms. White.

We had a visitor from the Midwest who stayed with us for a week or so last month to hang out and do some fly fishing. When we picked him up at the YRA and headed to town, he asked, "what does that billboard mean?" We told him basically what I said in response to Ms. Whites complaint, which is mostly as follows:

"Don't California Our Cody" is interpreted by me and others to stand as a reminder to incoming Californians or those thinking of coming here to consider something. It's a reminder to them that they left their former home state and came here for a reason, probably several. Most of it boiling down to "it's not California". So maybe, just maybe they should look at WHY Cody, WY is not California, especially in governance, politics and the finances impacting everyday life BEFORE trying to do the exact same things that turned California into California in the first place. Additionally, these CA transplants are bringing money to Cody from selling their houses in CA. They're buying houses here for half or 20% (if from SF) of the going rate in the Golden State. Here they can bid up the homes and create an inflationary market that has nothing available for middle class families.

So, Mr. Hill, rest assured that many of us here in Cody appreciate your making this billboard available so such a message can be sent loud and clear to all who choose to read it. Beware though, Trump signs as well as anti abortion signs have been vandalized by brave activists who sneak in under the dark of night to spray obscene graffiti on elements of Free Speech they disagree with.

One last thing, in Texas, where they go larger than life, their billboards say "Don't Californicate Texas". Isn't nice that the folks in Cody show a bit of restraint? Thanks again, Mr. Hill as well as your customer who installed the sign.


Scott Weber

Outstanding response Ron! As a fellow vendor, I support you the entire way.

Now there will be other like billboards installed.

Many will be writing to our mayor with extreme displeasure seeing as he tried to "lever" Ron Hill about his private property.

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