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Paige Readmore

First, You thinking that transgender people shouldn't be allowed to exist is not a basis from barring everyone from reading about them. If you don't wish for your children to learn empathy you are free to tell them they are not allowed to read whatever books you wish. Other people are allowed to check out library books you don't like.

Second, every major medical organization supports gender affirming care, which reduces negative mental health outcomes, and brain scans show the structure of the brain reflecting gender, not genitals. Yes, Amanda was able to get surgery -at 18- just as she would have been able to make any other decision in her life as an adult. Again, you can choose whatever you want for you and yours, leave everyone else alone.

Claudia Meeteetse

Paige, the article's writer did not express that T are not allowed to exist. Merely that this book glamorizes dangerous choices. There are many ways to learn empathy that do not include accepting body mutilation.

Other people are allowed to check out library books, yes, but these are impressionable children not yet 18.

I disagree wholeheartedly that "every major medical organization supports gender affirming care" as scores of doctors have been fired or suspended for disagreeing.

For actual figures please consult the reference section of the book "Irreversible Damage."

No one needs a PhD to read brain scans and figure out who is a woman and who is a man. Many children have been mentored and pushed to get surgery, coaxed into becoming lifelong clients of Big Pharma, only to regret it later.

Yes, please choose as you please. But children deserve protection, and that involves the books the children's library. They can read anything they want at 18.

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