To the editor:

Most of the candidates for Congress against Liz Cheney agree on policy. They all basically sound the same. You will not find too many differences and certainly not important enough differences to use those to decide whom to vote for.

What this race comes down to is political style.

Anyone can beat Liz Cheney. Anyone. Her only hope is a fractured conservative vote. That’s not the question. The question is who will not only beat her but will go to Congress and push back on the Biden Administration’s overreach? Whom can we trust to “bite” when the DC Swamp comes for our rights?

State Sen. Anthony Bouchard has a long history of taking bites out of bad politicians in Wyoming and it’s time to unleash him on Biden and the DC Swamp. He is Nancy Pelosi’s worst nightmare. If you agree with me that our state and country are at a pivotal moment in history and you worry about the future for your children and grandchildren, then I hope you’ll take that worry to the ballot box. I hope you will consider sending an attack dog instead of a lap dog to Congress. The only attack dog we’ve got in this race is Anthony Bouchard.

I’m not asking for your money. I’m asking for your foot-soldier support. Will you put a sign in your yard or window? Will you host an event? Will you call your neighbors? Will you write letters of support? What will you do to take a stand?

That’s what I want to know. Please go to Anthony’s website and tell him what you will do at

(s) April poley


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Joe Whittaker

The hypocrisy of those supposed "conservatives" is comical. For years and years they complain about "Hollywood needing to shut up, we don't care about celebrity opinions!" -- only to go on and vote for one for POTUS. Then, in true hypocritical fashion, they look past Bouchard getting a 14 year old girl pregnant when he was an adult (18). Because party over country...

Jim Guelde

Liz Cheney went from a democrat whipping boy to the darling of the left by simply turning her rear end to the folks who elected her. Funny how that works.

Joe Whittaker

It's because of people like Bouchard & Trump that I no longer find myself aligning with what the republicans have become.

Dave Sullivan

What a fantastic article. You have brought every liberal in Cody out to comment in one short post.

Tom Conners

This letter is so full of horse flop it's pathetic.The part about Biden's "overreach" is the biggest pile of dung ever laid by a brainwashed idiot. Just what does anyone think trump was doing?

Scott Conger

I don't know the man, but if Dewey's right about his occupation, then Anthony is uniquely qualified to deal with what Dewey so freely and frequently dishes out.

Dewey Vanderhoff

Don't presume anything about me if you don't know me . For starters, I have indoor plumbing.

Scott Conger

Dewey, all I know about you is what I read and I stand by the comment that if anyone could deal with the sort of thing you often share publicly, it would be someone acquainted with a septic pump. As far as Anthony goes, thanks to you I now know he's a hard worker and willing to deal with a lot of cr@p. Thanks for that public service. You've done more good than you can know.

Pete Demoney

He's a fool.

Dewey Vanderhoff

Anthony Bouchard's day job is that of a septic tank pumper.

Wyoming is in far greater need of THOSE skills than anything he would bring to elected office. QED.

Tom Conners


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