To the editor:

During the American Revolution, Ben Franklin published an image of a rattlesnake broken into pieces labeled with each of the colonies and the inscription “Join or Die.” It was a message to join together, for as the other saying goes “united we stand, divided we fall”.

That saying applies today. The very foundations of America are under assault by the Biden administration, the socialist left and their “woke” minions as they relentlessly push for as much change and damage before the midterm elections. 

Our side needs to “join” together to oppose them, and unabashedly support what we hold dear. The left cannot be allowed to operate largely unopposed as they fundamentally transform America. We should not just go quietly into the night as the light goes out in America. 

Just because the socialist left holds a majority in D.C. does not mean they can do whatever they want. This is a republic not a democracy. The federal government has limits on its power in the Constitution. The states under the 9th and 10th amendments have co-equal power with checks and balances, and are not second-class political entities or dependent vassal states. Nor are “We the People” mere subjects. 

Gov. Mark Gordon and Attorney General Bridget Hill should join Florida, Texas and other states in every effort to oppose the socialist left in D.C. Every move needs to be met by lawsuits from red states in friendly courts with injunctions to stop them in their tracks. Like they did to President Donald Trump. Fire with fire.

Complaining and lamenting is not enough. Every one of us needs to say “no,” speak up, not be intimidated or worry about being “cancelled,” organize and get involved. This is our country too. It is worth standing up for and saving. Time to saddle up and stand tall.

(s) jim vetter


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Justin Smith

You must have missed the part where way more people voted D than R last time.

This is the kind of entitled, arrogant thinking we have come to expect from Trump people. If more people want something different than what you want then tough, you aren't more important than everyone else.

Also, at least look up the definition of "socialism" before embarrassing yourself like this. Nobody currently holding office in the United States has advocated for any expansion of socialism other than a minority of congress people who have spoken about the need for universal healthcare. (Which they have in the very non-socialist countries of Canada, Australia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, and so on.

It's rude to make up stuff about other people and call people names just because they have a slightly different opinion than you do.

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