Have you had one of those days, one of those weeks?  

Of course, everyone has – especially lately. I’ve added myself to the list, and decided for a couple of days that nothing goes according to plan, and everything and everyone are a bit annoying. So, guess it’s time for the pity party. 

Fortunately, I don’t indulge that often or for very long. It becomes clear rather quickly that my problems or annoyances pale in comparison to what so many are dealing with, especially now. But I’m human so there are times it’s better to go back to bed and cover my head.  

It’s “irritation” season again (my not-so affectionate term for irrigating) and with little rain and little moisture in the occasional snow we received, everyone is dealing with grass, crop and other issues that need water. I know I’m not special, but like most when I think my yard-trees need water then it should miraculously appear. I know the grass will survive and grow, but still…

I pass a structure that finally took shape as major new signage headed out the North Fork. For some reason, when the first words appeared on the sign my first reaction was: “Really … how much did this cost and why is it necessary?” It annoyed me for the next few miles as I drove to work. 

I usually don’t have a reaction to signs, and not sure why I did this one. I guess timing is everything. Unemployment numbers just came out; I know people are struggling more than usual right now. It ruffled my feathers.  

Toby. As I’ve reported many times before, he’s one of my rescues. He’s 7-plus and still going on puppy. I’ve created a monster. I’ve been taking him to work lately, which has generated its own occasional challenges. He’s stubborn, strong, nosy, petulant, beguiling, loving, needy, occasional bully – a typical little boy. 

Well, one day (which was interminable) he was all the above all at once. He frayed my last nerve. Of course, once ensconced back home for the evening, he looked up at me with those soulful eyes, and all was forgiven – until the next time.

Speaking of bullying, is anyone else tired of hearing the most powerful person in the world whine about everything, including the questions and criticisms received about legitimate issues that the country and world are facing?  

Is anyone else tired of the perpetual pity party coming from the most lauded house in the world? The cruel and shameful name-calling, conspiracy theories, fact-challenged, routine rants have exhausted me. 

Many who are struggling in ways that are unimaginable behave with more grace, dignity, compassion and humility than we ever see from the most powerful person in the world. Does it remind anyone of the person(s) we all know who are never satisfied, it’s never their fault, and they are never wrong about anything? It’s exhausting, especially when everyone is on their her nerve these days. It also cured me of my feeble pity party fairly quickly.

Pet peeves. It’s amazing when and how they surface, and how we deal with the hiccups and hurricanes that appear in our lives.

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