To the editor:

What has happened to politics?

After the last primary here in Cody, I am questioning politics. In the last few years, I have seen national politicians bad mouth their opponents by tell us what they have done wrong in their lives. They never tell the people what they themselves are going to do. In my youth we called that mud slinging. Can we not have positive elections?

This last local election I saw the same thing happening here. My opinion is that if they are willing to bad mouth their opponent, they will also bad mouth anyone that disagrees with them. I believe this is where the term “vote for the lesser of the evils came from.” I thought the people of Wyoming were better than that.

I have made a decision to not vote for anyone that is not willing to tell me truthfully what they are going to try to do if elected, and not degrade their opponent just to get elected, and would encourage others to do the same. 

(s) bob yager


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It doesn't look like you'll be voting for any City officials this year there is no truth there whatsoever

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