To the editor:

The University of Wyoming is going back to only online classes April 5. Grade schools and high schools are fully operational. Cody High School owns the state football championship. Dedicated teachers can teach in the classrooms. Why oh why are university professors not able to do the same? 

If there are too many students to do labs at one time, have more classes, even evening ones and some on Saturdays.

The Johnson and Johnson one -shot vaccine is now available to anyone over 18. If students can get the vaccine now, why in the world would the university not celebrate with total opening up? The damage done by the closed campus has done more harm than good. College students were not at risk to begin with. I would like to know the stats on alcoholism, suicides, drug abuse, etc.

Florida is opened up and doing great. Wyoming scored fifth best in handling the virus. This is freedom-loving Wyoming, if I am not mistaken. For those parents and students afraid to get on with their lives, keep the online classes but for those who want to get prepared for life, let them thrive with campus life.

(s) tricia baldwin


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