To the editor:

The medical staff of Cody Regional Health would like to remind our fellow citizens that masks are primarily helpful for preventing the spread of disease to other people. In other words, we wear masks not just for our protection, but mostly to protect our friends and neighbors from a serious health threat. 

It is not a perfect solution, however, if everyone participates as much as possible when in stores and public gatherings, along with social distancing, and frequent hand washing, it is effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

We are very lucky to live in an area that allows for a wide variety of outdoor activities that allow relatively safe ways to recreate and socialize. This pandemic is going to be around for a while until a majority of the population can be vaccinated.

The recently approved vaccines certainly are going to be critical to getting the world back to normal, so we would recommend that anyone without contraindications to the vaccine receive it when it is offered to you. 

Let’s show courtesy and compassion for our fellow citizens during this difficult time. Mask up! Vaccinate!

(s) CRH Medical staff


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Dewey have you done the work to get on the list, I am scheduled for the shot Tuesday, you must take action to get scheduled .

Fox Blue River

I predict there will be no name calling and all comments here will be reasonable and based on evidence.



WHAT vaccine ? I would love to recieve my Covid vaccination , but I'm beginning to think it is a mirage ...


To the CRH Medical staff: when the remaining 40% of you Medical Professionals, who refuse the vaccine, finally take the vaccine, please report back to the Enterprise.


Freecitizen, please site your source for your “facts” (40% ?).


The source? The Enterprise is the source. I did err, though...the 40% number is actually the number of professionals who could be convinced to get vaccinated. In fact, the Enterprise has reported that 60% of the workforce could not be convinced as of the date of reporting, to be vaccinated. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to set the record straight.

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