To the editor:

This is in response to the Game & Fish Commission forming a wildlife task force.

Apparently Brian Nesvik and the department are not capable of handling the wildlife issues.

Doing this is a side-stepping of his responsibilities as director. Rather a “kick-the-can solution” and if it doesn’t work, the task force from the public sector can be blamed.

It is past time that the WY G&F director and the department be held responsible.

The legislature mandates that our game species herds be managed so they grow for all to enjoy, now and for future generations, perpetually.

The entire Big Horn Basin has seen a huge loss to our game herds, license numbers drastically reduced, and quality/quantity appear to be lost forever.

Large predator species are favored over our hoofed game and hunting opportunities disappear. We have lost over 6,000 draw elk tags, cumulatively, in just two areas, since 1998, taken from their data.

By their numbers, we have 331 wolves in Wyoming. Data shows to hold those numbers, to hold steady, instead of growing, 131 wolves a year need to be harvested and this number held from year to year to give our ungulate herds any chance.

Revenues for salaries, retirement and $30 -million-dollar offices seem to be more important. Instead of protecting the game herds, in the last 25 years I’ve watched the ruin of some of the greatest hunting on earth disappear. It’s disgusting. I’ve hunted 57 years here and you’ve allowed it to be ruined.

Either do the job you are paid to do or get the hell out and put people in place that are allowed to correctly take management seriously to protect hunting and restore the great game herds we once had. You are abusing it all by letting the game herds and ecosystems be destroyed.

(s) randy selby


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Gunrunner Auctions

I attended several of the "wolf hearings" back in the early 1990's and several of the guides warned the U.S. Wildlife officials that if timber wolves were placed in Yellowstone they would be like a "Piranha in a fish bowl". The officials said that they felt there was enough "food" in Jellystone that the wolves would stay there. The guides laughed in their faces.

The ranchers said the wolves would be in their cattle in no time. Again the U.S. Wildlife officials said there was plenty of natural food for the wolves and they wouldn't hit the cattle.

In less than THIRTY DAYS the wolves were out of Jellystone and hit cattle. And so it goes. The wholesale slaughter of elk and moose - both for food and sport continues. Wolves breed like muskrats - no predators.

I was talking with Ken Mills who is the head of large carnivore biology in Wyoming and he said ONE WOLF eats ONE ELK a week. So if we have 331 wolves in Wyoming and each eats one elk a week, that's 17,212 a year! And that does not include sport kills which is very common! So say 20,000 elk a year are killed by "wolves who were supposed to have stayed in Jellystone."

It's best that these modern day biologists pay close attention to these hunters/guides/outfitters who are up in the hills most of the year rather than the lily-livered "research journal" writers.....

When I lived in Jackson in the 1970's I saw nearly 20,000 elk on the National Refuge and now I barely see 2000. Again: Do the math and get back to me.

Colorado is going to see the same dismal elk count when they "get their wolves" and watch them howl (no pun intended)! Colorado should do what many Wyoming sportsmen attempted to do: Shot the wolves down from the start. This gives the elk a good chance.


I have to agree somewhat with this letter as I too watched hunting,and fishing,go to pot in Wyoming over the last 50 years.Too many people,too many rich out of state land owners and too many out of state animal lovers have created a situation where decent hunting is a thing of the distant past...except for the wealthy who can afford to pay an outfitter.I gave up hunting in Wyoming 40 years ago when the coal miner invasion created a war zone,especially in the Big Horns.

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