Cody is hiring.

It seems just about every business, especially those catering to the massive crowds of tourists, is hiring right now.

It’s sad to see some business closed or on reduced hours due to the lack of employees. It’s also frustrating for owners and managers of the establishments who are desperate to take advantage of a big summer season to make up for a tough pandemic year. 

So we hope any area residents in need of a job take one of the many available. Of course, bringing back people still on unemployment benefits is only part of the solution. The fact is, in the summer there is far more demand than there are local residents to fill all the needed jobs, so businesses need a reliable source of seasonal workers, whether from other parts of the country or other countries, through visa programs.

Beyond that, Cody needs more affordable housing for service workers, whether for the summer or year-round.

While business owners are offering some incredible wages for starting employees – $13 at Taco Johns, $18 for line cooks at Wyoming Roadhouse – the price of many residences in town has risen to levels unaffordable for even most workers who make far more than the advertised wages.

Businesses are responding to a lack of supply by making the jobs more appealing. Gov. Mark Gordon declared an end to the extra federal unemployment benefits in the state as of mid-June, which may get a few more people out in the workforce, although they’ve already had to apply for jobs each week. 

And while there are some new developments popping up around town, the lack of affordable housing may be the hardest issue to solve related to the employee shortage.

Until long-term solutions can be found and enacted, let’s do our part as residents and support our local businesses by both taking advantage of what they have to offer and, if you need a job, joining the team.

And if the food takes a little longer to arrive, we urge you to respond with patience and grace. 


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Tom Conners

What's to expect? For too many years nothing but seasonal tourist jobs that paid squat were available...or some job digging a ditch for $10.00/hr. Until Cody, Park County and the entire state of Wyoming get their act together and start electing people who will actually help create steady good paying jobs....nothing will ever change.So whine away business people.

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