To the editor:

After attending more funerals than I’m comfortable with in the last few months, I’d like to recognize the people in the Cody Police Department and/or the Park County Sheriff’s Department for providing traffic control and escorts for funeral processions.

We tend to take this service for granted as “just part of their job,” but it is a perfect example of the many services these people provide for our community for which they get very little recognition.

In these times when it seems popular to vilify the men and women who wear a badge, my family and I want to take a moment to thank them for this service and the many services they provide to our community for which they get little credit. It is also gratifying to see that there are still people who respect a funeral procession as it passes by.

(s) alan shotts


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Well, my last comment must not have pleased the censors, so I will try again to express gratitude to our men and women in public service for the Police and Sheriff's offices. To those officers, please know that the remaining 5,789 residents of Cody do truely appreciate you. The 5-6 who do not, and likely keep you busy, are not representative of those whom you serve.

Scott Steward

We only" cuff and stuff" if you do something wrong , you know that right?

PJ Roemich

awwww, how sweet. unfortunately, these same cops who escort funeral processions are also the same cops who will gladly cuff you and stuff you. nothing regal about the blue line


PJ, once you graduate high school, and gain some maturity, you may grow to appreciate what some people do for you. I for one appreciate our men and women who do this line of work; who work diligently daily to serve the community. Even when they know 5-6 people in the community would sooner kick them in the teeth as help them up.


Awwww, how sweet. We have a criminal on here bashing the police. And your grammar is terrible.

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