To the editor:

Scott Weber’s letter to the editor and subsequent online comments had several inaccuracies that I feel a need to address. 

First and foremost, SF 0069 was unconstitutional. This is an opinion shared by many legislators. It would have created classes of taxpayers, which is forbidden in Article 15, section 11 (c). I took an oath when I took office to uphold the Constitutions of the United Sates and of the State of Wyoming. As the Constitution is written, it will take a constitutional amendment, not just a bill, to cap the property tax. 

I am happy to provide Mr. Weber and anyone else with a copy of our constitution. It is available online at

In the May 24th meeting I held on the property tax refund programs at the library, there were many good ideas on how to structure a property tax cap. Using those ideas as well looking at other states’ property tax relief programs, I am having a bill drafted that would create a constitutional amendment to allow for capping of our property tax. The voters would have to approve the amendment in order for it to be enacted.

I am also having a bill drafted to double the veteran’s exemption. This was brought to me by several vets.

I find it interesting that Mr. Weber did not call on Representatives Dan Laursen and Rachel Rodriquez-Williams and Senator Tim French to bring property tax legislation to the floor of the House and Senate. I know Mr. Weber knows how to use the website to look up bills and am disappointed that he continues to misrepresent my legislative record.

In his online comments, Mr. Weber stated that I had not brought any legislation except the road-kill bill. I was a co-sponsor on the road-kill bill. In fact, I have sponsored seven bills. Three of the bills passed and became law.

2021 HB86 – Off road vehicle registration authorization. This bill’s idea was brought to me by a local motorcycle dealer who saw inconsistency in licensing off-road motorcycles. They were very helpful and testified in support of this bill in committee.

2021 HB197 – Connect Wyo Program federal funding. This bill provided funding to increase broadband access in our state. Our local internet providers and AARP supported this bill and testified in support of it in committee.

HB0044 – Mobile home and vehicle titles and transfers. This bill reduces unnecessary regulation for vehicle titles and transfers. The state’s county clerks supported this bill and testified in support.

I have also co-sponsored many bills including: HB75 Voter ID, SF67 – Repeal Gun-Free Zones and HB91 Removal of unenforceable property covenants to name a few.

I am committed to representing the citizens of House District 24 in the State Legislature. I am always available at

(s) sandy newsome


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Pete Demoney

Webber's biggest problem is Weber.

Kim Frey

Newsome or Webber? Both horrid choices. The lineup of candidates clearly shows me that the truly qualified in this community will not run for these posts. IMHO, Nina Webber won't get above single digit % of votes due to all of that nonsensical "rino hunting" and letting her boyfriend flap his lips (does she even speak?). Believe me, that strategy didn't work in 2020 and won't work in 2022. Like another poster said, hopefully a good, strong Independent can come along and put both of the current candidates in our rear view mirror.

Ray Strong

While Newsome's record is hidious (sp) and she seems to be wandering around the legislative wilderness in a dazed and confused state, Nina is absolutely the wrong choice. Only Scott Weber can only seemingly talk for her. The Wapiti What-A-Pity crowd might vote for her but believe me, she will get trounced at the polls again. Back to Newsome, we sure need someone who is going to be fully cognizant and engaged to represent us - perhaps an independent? Oh, PS, all you Forward Cody "fans" (2 of you), Newsome is a huge proponent of annually giving this one horse outfit public funding.

(Edited by staff.)

Bruce McCormack

Nina Webber has three big problems getting elected. 1) She’s widely viewed as being a mouthpiece for her outspoken, in-your-face boyfriend Scott Weber. 2) She’s offended a great many good, conservative Republicans in west Cody with all her ranting about RINO hunting. Who is this newcomer to discount other people’s GOP values? 3) Possibly her worst trait - blocking and banning people online who disagree with her. Who’d vote for such a close-minded candidate?

Scott Weber

Yes, Ms. Newsome's poor performance as a state rep is there for everyone to see. As I stated, the ONLY bill she actually sponsored and wrote was, of all things, A ROADKILL BILL. (You absolutely can't make this stuff up!)

For three years of sessions and committee work, this is a very poor track record. Ms. Newsome often does NOT return emails - I can give you lists of people who NEVER get a response.

Ms. Newsome also does not attend Park County Republican meetings regularly when the other reps and senators (except her buddy R.J. Kost) do. When she did attend a meeting she stated to the 100+ crowd of Republicans that she would not work on or back a "Hate Crime Bill" and within two weeks she was joined up with a lunatic fringe Laramie activist and sure enough they were working on a "Hate Crime Bill". (You can't make this stuff up, you really can't...).

Then later in the meeting Ms. Newsome when questioned about the absolutely absurd bill she was "working on" that required all Wyoming citizens to purchase a service plan and a "little black box" in every vehicle for a "Road Usage Tax" she stumbled and stammered and looked down at the ground and admitted unbelievably (and then again later to the press) that she "probably" wouldn't even vote for her own bill! (Folks, you can't make this stuff up...)

Ms. Newsome's track record as a "lawmaker" is, well, unacceptable and of a low output to say the least... Why? She does NOT represent the majority of Park County and many of the "stands" she has taken are the opposite of what we want here in Park County! Ms. Newsome famously voted AGAINST and KILLED our emergency air ambulance service. Again, concerned area citizens and rep Dan Laursen fought back in 2021 and got the company resinstated. Ask Ms. Newsome what her mail was like on that issue! Hmmm... Yes, her "performance" and lack thereof is out there for everyone to see!

I sure think the Park County people deserve a much, much better legislator than Sandy Newsome of CO. She has had her chance for two terms and produced NOTHING for the Park County citizens and has not followed Republican platforms. Please read all 20 of the Republican platforms - you will find you agree with each one (life, libery, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-low taxes, etc.). So should a state representative with a "R" after her name!

Please take the time to compare Ms. Newsome's poor performance in Cheyenne with the outstanding performances of rep Rachel Rodridquez and rep Dan Laursen. You will see a marked difference! These two fine reps TALK TO THE PEOPLE and find out what THEY WANT and go to Cheyenne and produce excellent bills.

Rachel passed the "Abortion Trigger" bill which will save the lives of countless children. Dan Laursen has voted NO on many tax schemes brought by the liberals in Cheyenne. He has many awards over the years for his outstanding service to his constituents and adhering to the conservative line.

Compare that to Ms. Newsome's lowly "accomplishments". Roadkill indeed...

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