To the editor:

Like hundreds of other students, I was privileged to first get to know Merav Ben-David while a student at the University of Wyoming more than 18 years ago. 

Even then, she was one of the highest achieving researchers and most respected instructors at UW, and her reputation has only continued to grow. 

However, what stood out to me most was her exceptional generosity of time toward anyone, regardless of their age, experience or status. She had an intense interest in listening to and understanding people. It is the kind of attention one could only hope for if visiting the Washington, D.C., office of your Senator to voice some concern or proposal. 

Merav has had great personal success the world over, and it was created mostly as an outsider. She has a character-shaping bootstrap story like no other. People gravitate toward substance, and I believe her character and humility explain her magnetic personality and deep interest in others. 

There are some obvious aspects of Merav that do not fit the mold for a standard-issue Wyoming Senator. But she possesses a combination of independence and courage that I think is far more qualifying. Her focus on future-proofing Wyoming for life after fossil fuels is a great example. As a candidate, you simply do not lead with that topic in Wyoming unless you have exceptional conviction.

So, if we want something other than lip service toward diversifying Wyoming’s economy, it is going to take a different kind of candidate, one that comes with bold ideas rooted in intellect and courage. If we want someone willing to listen and provide everyone a seat at the table regarding land use, land access and health care, it’s going to take electing Merav Ben-David to the Senate.

(s) jarren kuipers


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Fox Blue River

Being a scientist and thinking about the future doesn't get you elected here; lying, waving around bibles and proclaiming the second amendment is the entire constitution does

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