To the editor:

I recently had the opportunity to listen to a talk by U.S. Senate candidate Merav Ben-David, a climate scientist at the University of Wyoming. 

She is extremely knowledgable about Wyoming’s natural environment, which is the basis of two of its most important industries, energy and tourism, and has interesting ideas about how to manage these precious resources. 

She points out that world markets control the fate of the coal, oil and gas industries, not politicians, and that lately those markets have not been kind. I learned that, besides plenty of obvious wind, solar and geothermal capabilities, Wyoming has large deposits of thorium, which is a subject of research into a new generation of nuclear projects. 

Most of us understand that climate change is happening, and we are seeing its effects really start to kick in all around us; I believe we could use an expert on the subject in the Senate, just as we have physician-senators like Dr. Barrasso to provide medical expertise. 

I would urge Wyomingites to listen to and carefully consider Dr. Ben-David’s proposals for our state’s future. She will have my vote in November.

(s) John Wright


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