The debacle or circus or verbal cage match that was the first presidential debate is thankfully over. That is the good news.

The question now becomes will successive debates have similar rancor or will they become more intellectual and stick to the issues?

We doubt they will, but at least in Wyoming we can and should be better than what happened in that presidential debate.

Neighboring Montana’s political advertising is becoming more and more negative all the time. Attack after attack is made on opponents. Many of the attacks are being funded by out-of-state money.

Little is being said about the candidate’s views.

Daniel Henninger, deputy editorial director of the Wall Street Journal, expresses pessimistically that we are in for more of the nastiness, not only this election season, as it has become the new norm.

Henninger says political campaigns have disintegrated into sound bites, memes and character assassinations of 140 characters or less.

We hope that is not the case.

Candidates should have differing positions and they should be clearly stated. There should certainly be pros and cons discussed on all ballot initiatives.

Only informed voters can make the best choices and voters cannot get the vital information they need with campaigns engaged in mudslinging and attacks on character.

In Wyoming we should be above the fray and campaign and vote according to the qualifications of a candidate and the merits of ballot initiatives, not on sound bites and memes.

John Malmberg

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Jim Jones

John's voting for the polite well behaved senile basement dweller who will pack the Supreme Court, destroy the economy and the Second Amendment. The rest of us are voting for the loud mouth SOB who's done everything he's promised and revealed the deep state and Democrats for what they are: traitors.


This article sounds like it pertains to our Cody City officials

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