To the editor:

George Orwell’s classic book “1984” about a dystopian future where mankind is monitored and controlled by “Big Brother,” is seeking a toehold in Wyoming. 

This culprit is the Road User Charge (RUC) concept that has advanced out of the Transportation Committee in Cheyenne. 

Essentially, Wyoming government would put tracking devices in all our vehicles to record the mileage we drive. We would be charged for that mileage and then credited back some monies from the fuel taxes we pay at the pump. Could amount to around $120 per year per vehicle. 

Rep. Sandy Newsome was asked about the bill at the Park County GOP meeting and a gasp went up through the audience when she admitted to voting for it in committee. 

I get the whole idea that we have a transportation shortfall that needs to be filled. But it is unfathomable that Wyoming would use this method, in particular using tracking devices, on Wyoming residents. Yes, there are the promises about anonymity. Sorry, don’t trust any government and the Big Tech that would be used to implement it. 

This concept is at complete odds with our country’s founding principles and freedom-loving Wyoming. It should be defeated and resisted all cost. 

(s) jim vetter


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Wyoming you get what you deserve, you vote in Rinos you get closet democrats. Maybe she wants to replace the Rino Liz Cheaney but I suggest we vote out the whole bunch and vote in non party attached people that have some ethics and most of all common sense.


The problem is bigger than Sandy Newsome. It has to do with ALL LEVELS of politicians who LIE about opinions/issues and platforms in order to get elected.....then, once elected their "true colors" come out and only then are we able to determine their true objectives! For the most part, doing a "better job" of researching candidates won't do a bit of good since there is no longer any integrity or honesty in many areas (not only politics) and we are left to make our "best guess". WHAT A MESS WE ARE ALL IN!!!!!

Disgusted taxpayer

Very true indeed.And to add...the shenanigans perpetrated the last 4 years from DC is the paving of the road to another end to a Democracy.Remember,no Democracy has ever survived. Welkommen to ze new world order ...are your papers in order?


Your analogy is spot on.Ye reap what ye sow.

Jim Jones

So Sandy Newsome wants to our vehicles 24/7/365. She's OUT in 23 months.

Gunrunner Auctions

Don't say we didn't try to warn the residents of Park County that this Sandy Newsome - a CO transplant - is a liberal. Liberals vote for new taxes and could care less what effect this would have on good working persons and businesses...

And we warned you that if you voted in Sandy Newsome for House District 24 here in Cody, North Fork and South Fork she would immediately head to Cheyenne and put new taxes and business restrictions on us pronto. We were wrong - she started working on a horrible tax in the Transportation Committee BEFORE she got to the session!

The dreaded "road usage tax" would require every Wyoming citizen to install a "black box" in their car or truck and pay for a yearly plan to record the data. It is unclear just WHO would pay for the black box, but the plan is on the citizen - so you would have to BUY the plan AND pay the taxes. It is unclear as well how this "little black box" would differentiate from the miles you travel running around on your ranch or up hunting or on the dirt roads or working in your farm fields. The whole idea is INSANE, but this is how liberals like Sandy Newsome "think".

The charge would be 3 cents to 13 cents a mile. So if you have a commercial vehicle you will pay the upper end of the scale. Of course this will raise the price of goods and services! Consider the "wheel tax" to be anti-business in the extreme. The average Wyoming driver rolls 22,000 miles a year! Last year I drove for my business and pleasure 35,000 miles! Tax, tax, tax.

It gets worse: The bill (language drafted by Sandy Newsome and liberals on the Transportation committee) also calls for the hiring of a "road tax usage czar" with a staff of 12 "enforcers" to monitor and collect the tax. Sound more and more like Big Brother? Of course it does.... This is the stuff of leftists. Rep Newsome and her liberal buddies are promoting BIGGER STATE GOVERNMENT when the governor and the conservative reps and senators are making 20%+++ cuts. Makes no sense to add more when the trend is to cut. But that's how liberals "think".

HD 24 rep Sandy Newsome was told in no uncertain terms that this tax scheme was NEVER going to fly during last week's Park County Republican Party meeting in the Cowboy Church. It may not see the daylight of introduction as it is leftist and absurd in every way. It is a direct affront to all Wyoming citizens.

It is a shame that this Sandy Newsome is so out of touch with Wyoming citizens. To come up with a Big Brother tax scheme like this that is so very invasive is unacceptable.

And what's more: WYDOT is already adequately funded by our obscenely HIGH vehicle registrations (my registrations for my six cars and trucks run from $285 each - $1400 each a year!) and obscenely high gasoline/diesel fuel taxes.

WYDOT is a milker of road projections. If any agency can take cuts, it's them. I would suggest Rep Newsome roll up her sleeves and do something productive for once like making big cuts in the bloated WYDOT. Less road projects until the economy comes back to normal. Oil is over $50 a barrel and climbing, so soon we'll be back to normal.

No more tax schemes forced on the good people of Wyoming while we are getting this economy and our household income back to full throttle.

I will laugh louder than anyone when this "wheel tax" gets canned by every good legislator and Rep Newsome ends up with an empty sack....


From what I understand of the proposed legislation is that it is due to “all” of the electric and hybrid vehicles that are causing a reduction in fuel taxes. What a crock l, you spend 10 minutes in Wyoming and know that are few and far between electric vehicles here. You are spot on just a another liberal hiding under the R banner just like the governor. We Wyoming citizens need to do better diligence when choosing candidates, chameleons change colors often.


Poor Sandy newsome not dealing with the full deck she's going to be out soon put a fork in her she's done


Gunner you were spot on.


- anybody reading this ever see Scott Weber out fixing a pothole or straightening a reflector pole on a public road all by himself of his own volition - at his own expense ? Me neither.

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