Jamie ‘Mimi Lou’ Shustrom Ackerman Dobbins

It is with great sadness to announce Jamie “Mimi Lou” Shustrom Ackerman Dobbins passed away on May 11, 2021.

Her attitude the entire time she fought cancer, however, was not sad, she was a positive little love bug and that needs to be said too.

“How’s it going?” Jamie would ask you with her blue eyes lit up and playful smile ready to hear the best story ever, yours! You may not have even known you had something to say, but she was so engaging, out it came. She always amazed her family with her insight and advice. She considered herself a simple girl but that was not the case.

She was a romantic and loved real-life love stories (her own, especially). Ryan and Jamie spent 20 years as best friends and lovers making a wonderful home where they had all kinds of people over for fun and food.

Jamie did not know how to pass judgment – she had opinions, but not judgment. She knew everyone had a story, were probably decent people, and that they mattered. She truly wanted the best for you. Her daughter Payton was her proudest accomplishment, she loved her with her whole heart. Jamie loved her new grandson, Rhett, meeting him at a very tender time.

She really enjoyed jamming to Prince, and most of ’80s pop – it was upbeat, happy, clean-the-house music.

Jamie had great friends. Her years cutting hair fostered many close relationships, we talk when we’re sitting in that chair, don’t we!? Her clientele and friends were loyal, following her when she changed locations for her skill and just her.

Her deep and long-lasting friendships added so much flavor and humor to her life. She was open and honest with everyone, we trusted her with our stuff because she was trustworthy. Her friends from Albertsons were especially loyal.

Jamie’s amazingly buoyant attitude was present throughout her life, but it became especially poignant during her final chapter. What a woman!

Her last adventure was a big one. Ryan and Jamie and their sweetheart dog Mason rented an RV and hit the road. They traveled to every cool roadside attraction, clever museums, animal retreats and roller coaster throughout the Midwest of America ... free and happy like a couple of kids. Jamie, you beautiful girl, we are so proud of you!

She is survived by her husband Ryan, daughter Payton (Brad) Gambill, mother Mary Ackerman, sisters Jan (Bob) Brenner, Gera Feist, Gretchen Ackerman, and brother Lee (Steven Lawrence) Ackerman.

She is also survived by her beautiful new grandson Rhett Gambill.

Condolences can be sent to the family on Jamie’s page at BallardFH.com.

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Thomas Riddell

Mary, Jerra I'm very sorry for our loss of Jamie I knew she was in pain but wasn't aware of the cancer. I hope you and yours are well. My prayers go out to you. Hope to see you soon Love, Tommy Riddell

Viv McCord

Godspeed to heaven, Jamie, you were the sweetheart, always

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