Blake Cameron ‘Cam’ Overfield

Blake Cameron ‘Cam’ Overfield

Blake Cameron “Cam” Overfield, 37, of Cody, passed away on Aug. 10, 2021.

To find one word to best describe Cam, it would be “big.” Big guy, big laugh, big heart, big tragedy that he’s gone. Because he was such a big dude – a big puncher with the Cody boxing team years ago – may be why only his most trusted friends realized the good and compassion inside his heart. 

Cam was a soft-hearted creampuff disguised as a tough guy. When talking about his sister Ashley, who passed only months before Cam, he would get emotional every time, regretting their estrangement.

It didn’t take a lot to trigger an emotional episode. When relating how much it meant to him when a friend wrote a story about Cam’s “greatest hits,” he would always get teary-eyed in appreciation. Those who didn’t take the time to really know Cam’s big personality have no way of knowing the hugely-sensitive side, but with extreme sensitivity often comes emotional turmoil and Cam struggled with it. Still though, he was laughing in the middle of it all – a huge laugh coming from deep down, and one couldn’t help but join in, sometimes forgetting what the joke was.

If you were friends with Cam, it was a lifetime commitment both ways, even if a few years or disagreements had transpired. You were “always welcome at my campfire anytime” as he often said. Granny’s restaurant, where Cam often worked in-between construction gigs with his mentor/father, Bill (He was a master builder, getting better every day) was a hub of Cam’s history. 

The Blaylock family was like a second family, with lots of love flowing both directions.

In later years, Buddy Ross was a cherished friend to Cam and in many ways, his spiritual mentor and yard sale companion. Cam periodically joined Buddy at the Church of Christ services. 

He also reconnected with his brother Steve and wife Wendy and truly enjoyed his visits to Lewistown (even if it was to help calve in negative 50-degree weather).

He sure loved the gals, especially Rita, Courtney and Mindy – mother, wife and beloved dog respectfully. Cam changed so much for the better after meeting and eventually marrying Courtney, and surely cried big tears the day his precious mountain-lap dog Mindy got viciously kicked by a horse at hunting camp up in the Thorofare. Cam gently tucked his badly-injured little buddy into his backpack and rode long, hard miles to town on a mission to save his best friend.

Sweet Mindy still lives on, although surely missing her big hero and protector. 

Cameron Overfield will be missed in a big, big way by many. His welcoming campfire was always aglow with so much warmth, it was hard to stay away. If somehow we could talk to Cam about all that happened, you can bet he’d shrug his shoulders and say, “It is what it is.” He said it so often and for so long, it was easy to imagine he coined the phrase.

Cameron was preceded in death by his sister Ashley. 

He was survived by his loving wife Courtney Beth, parents Bill and Rita (Stephens) Overfield, brother Steve and wife Wendy Overfield, niece McKenna “Katie Mac” Overfield and Jaxon File.

Memorial services will be at Ballard Funeral Home on Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021, at 10 a.m. with fellowship to follow at Mentock Park. 

An online guestbook is available at

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Viv McCord

I'm so terribly sorry for your loss, Bill and Rita, 2 children gone way too soon, may God bring you and your family comfort soon

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