Peter Heyl Hassrick

Peter Heyl Hassrick

On Oct. 25, 2019, the art world lost one of its most devoted and prolific champions. 

Peter Heyl Hassrick, “a titan of American western art,” died at Spirit Mountain Hospice House in Cody from cancer, cradled by his family. 

He was a dedicated, thoughtful and insightful advocate who was also generous to younger scholars equally enchanted by the West, so-called “Hassrick mentees.” His passion was art, while his love encompassed family and friends, mountains and the vast empty vistas of Wyoming.

Peter was born April 27, 1941, in Philadelphia to Royal Brown and Barbara Morgan Hassrick. When the family moved West, Peter never looked back. He grew up in the Denver area, graduating from Lowell Whiteman [now Steamboat Mountain] School, skiing as often as he could and spending the summers as a ranch hand. 

At CU Boulder, Peter met Elizabeth “Buzzy” Drake of New York, the love of his life – his companion, hiking partner and editor. Peter recently said to Buzzy, “The best thing I ever did was marry you, the worst thing is to leave you.” They wed on Long Island in 1963. 

After graduation, Peter moved to Steamboat Springs where he taught Spanish and history at Whiteman School. Over the next five years their family grew by two, Philip in 1965 and Charles in 1966, and Peter found his true calling – art history. 

He earned a full-ride scholarship to the University of Denver and a master’s degree in art history, connecting his honed aesthetic eye with his passion for history, especially the history of the West. 

His career began in Fort Worth at the Amon Carter Museum as curator of collections. Most significantly, in 1974, he co-curated and toured an exhibition on western American art and artifacts in the former Yugoslavia. Next Peter accepted the challenge of the directorship of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center (now Buffalo Bill Center of the West), where he spent 20 years expanding the museum in size, reach and renown in partnership with board chair Peg Coe. He set high standards for himself and expected no less from his staff.

After the BBHC, Peter continued to pursue his work with unparalleled commitment, becoming the founding directors first of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe and then of the Charles Russell Center for the Study of Western American Art at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. Next he established the Petrie Institute of American Western Art at the Denver Art Museum. Along the way he served on local, state and national non-profit boards.

Amid his professional obligations, Peter found the quiet time and creative energy to write (usually in long hand on lined paper) 25 books and dozens of scholarly articles. He lectured widely, curated shows that toured museums around the country and was awarded an honorary Ph.D. from the University of Wyoming for his scholarship. His writings garnered numerous awards as well. 

Peter had a rich life, gathering friends and colleagues wherever he went. He spent 50 years thinking, writing and sharing his ideas about art and the West. He was profoundly committed to the precept that western American art plays a prominent role in the American art canon and dedicated his professional life to elevating the discipline onto the national stage. 

He also believed deeply in matters of environmental conservation, to him a logical corollary to his love of the West and his astute and encyclopedic understanding of the artists who portrayed it. On one backcountry trip he remarked, “I’d rather be on a mountaintop on a Sunday morning than in the most elaborate cathedral that man has designed.” And most Sundays that is exactly where you could find him. 

Beneath his professional façade lurked a sly sense of humor that enchanted and entertained us all. He often peppered his public talks with lines geared to generate delighted responses, to engage his audience. “So, a cowboy and an art historian walk into a bar….” He will be remembered for his sage leadership, his steel trap of a mind, his quick wit, his generous and playful smile, and his steadfast kindness. 

Peter is survived by his wife Buzzy, his sons Philip (Brigid) of Woodinville, Wash., and Charles (Elizabeth) of Philadelphia, his grandchildren Silas, Aislinn, and Edel, his four siblings Morgan (Tess), Judy (Bob), John (Cindy) and Annie. 

Plans for a celebration of life are pending. To honor Peter’s life, the family requests that those interested please donate to the Whitney Fund for Public Programs, BBCW, 720 Sheridan Ave., Cody, WY 82414. 

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peter Maynard Fairbanks

This is a wonderfully written tribute to Peter Hassrick, capturing the many parts of a champion of the arts of the great west. However, by my count, he authored more like 55 books and catalogs. He was the load stone to all who appreciate the arts and conservation of the west, but most of all he adored his family.__________________________________

The Art of Michael Coleman - Under Eagle's Wings

by Coleman, Michael. Peter Hassrick, Text. and Michael Coleman | Jan 1, 2009

Frederic Remington: A Catalogue Raisonné II

by Peter H. Hassrick and Bruce B. Eldredge | May 9, 2016

Frederic Remington: A Catalogue Raisonne (2 Volume Set),

Peter Hassrick and Melissa J. Webster | Jun 1, 1996

Painted Journeys: The Art of John Mix Stanley

by Peter H. Hassrick, Mindy N. Besaw, et al. | Jul 9, 2015


Charles M. Russell

by Peter H. Hassrick | May 1, 1989

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by Thayer Tolles , Thomas Brent Smith, with contributions by Carol Clark, Brian W. Dippie, Peter H. Hassrick, Karen Lemmey, and Jessica Murphy (2013) Jan 14, 2014

Wildlife and Western Heroes: Alexander Phimister Proctor, Sculptor

by Peter Hassrick | Jul 24, 2006

The Life and Art of Wilson Hurley: Celebrating the Richness of Reality

by Rosalyn Roembke Hurley, Susan Hallsten McGarry, Peter Hassrick | Mar 15, 2020

The Charles M. Bair Family Collection

by Elizabeth; Peter Hassrick; Barney Old Coyote; Barbara Loeb Guheen | Jan 1, 2004

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Charles Deas and 1840s America West

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Drawn to Yellowstone: Artists in America's First National Park

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Forging an American Identity: The Art of William Ranney, With a Catalogue of His Works

by Linda Bantel and Peter H. Hassrick | Aug 31, 2006

Colorado: The Artist’s Muse (Western Passages)

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The Rocky Mountains: A Vision for Artists in the Nineteenth Century

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Treasures of the Old West: Paintings and Sculpture from the Thomas Gilrease Institute of American History and Artby Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art and Peter H. Hassrick | Mar 1, 1994

Shaping the West: American Sculptors of the 19th Century (Western Passages)

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Artists of the American Frontier The Way West

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The Art of Being an Artist: Sally James Farnham, American Sculptor

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Frederic Remington

By Peter H. Hassrick, Jan 16, 1973

The Best of Proctor’s West: An In-Depth Study of Eleven of Proctor’s Bronzes

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The Frederic Remington Studio

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Charlie Russell and Friends

by Joan Carpenter Troccoli, Peter H. Hassrick, et al. | Feb 20, 2010

Redrawing Boundaries: Perspectives on Western American Art Western Passages

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The George Catlin Book of American Indians

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100 years of western art from Pittsburgh collections

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by Peter H.; Rudolph G. Wunderlich; Megan Fox; Barbara Bell Hassrick | Jan 1, 1991

Remington: The Years of Critical Acclaim

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by Peter H. Hassrick(Essay) | Jan 1, 2008

A Century of Sanctuary: The Art of Zion National Park

by Lyman Hafen, Robert Redford, et al. | Aug 25, 2008

Unending Frontier: Art of the West

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Unending Frontier: Art of the West

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Editor: Peter H. Hassrick. Introduction by Mark Stevens. Essays: Lisa Mintz Messinger, Barbara Novak, and Barbara Rose.Jan 1, 1997

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Painted Journeys: The Art of John Mix Stanley

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After the Hunt - the Art Collection of William B. Ruger.

by Adrienne Ruger Conzelman; essays by Linda S. ferber and Peter H. Hassrick | Jan 1, 2002

BENTON SPRUANCE 1904-1967 Memorial and Retrospective Exhibition Lithographs, Paintings and Drawings: October 9 through November 24, 1968

by Peter H. Hassrick | Jan 1, 1968

Redrawing Boundaries: Perspectives on Western American Art (Western Passages)

by Denver Art Museum | Jul 15, 2008

In addition, there are lectures, papers, and other essays, too numerous to list here.

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