Marjorie Winifred Compton

Marjorie Winifred Compton

Marjorie Winifred Compton was born July 4, 1939. She sadly passed Jan. 2, 2022 at Cody Regional Hospital. 

Marjorie grew up and graduated from high school in Bellingham, Wash. She took her middle name, Winnie, in her 20’s after her favorite Aunt who she loved dearly. Winnie lived in Seattle for many years and then moved to Cody, Wyo. in the 1990’s to care for an elderly couple, in their later years. She found lots of love and joy in her new home. 

Winnie always spoke fondly of her many past animals and her childhood. She always had great advice and memories to share. She more recently enjoyed her time puppy sitting her neighbor’s dog, Loki. She also loved her cat Nola and neighbors cat Mater. They were her true joy. She also enjoyed visiting with friends and neighbors. She did lunch every month with her best friend Twyla. 

She never had kids of her own but she was quick to adopt her neighbor Ashley Canapp and her son Waylon as her own. She had a wonderful life here. 

Winnie is survived by her brother Ben Compton who lives in Glennallen, Alaska.

 Her family and friends are all very grateful to all the wonderful staff at Cody Regional Hospital for their care and understanding for Winnie during her hospitalization and to her adopted daughter Ashley Canapp who lovingly kept her spirits up and stayed with her until the end. 

Due to the unexpected sickness from COVID19 and her underlying health issues, she didn’t have anything set up for her cremation. With things being tough these days we ask if you’d like to help bring her ashes home and fulfill her wishes to please make donations to Ballard Funeral Home in Cody. She will be greatly missed.

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