The Trailhead restaurant is the latest local business to expand its services to offer more for customers and space for events that want to provide alcohol.

The Cody Auditorium no longer allows alcohol at events due to the need for the city to add a fire suppression system to be up to date with fire code. City manager Barry Cook said funds for that more than $100,000 project are not available in a tight city budget.

On April 27, Trailhead owner and executive chef Nathan Kardos was approved on a temporary basis for an exemption to provide parking spaces as he adds occupancy.

Planning and Zoning members unanimously agreed to approve the exemption and to meet in August to revisit and ensure there have been no major issues with parking.

Kardos said he’s expanded into more of the building on the 13th block of Beck Avenue and plans to offer space for occasional events. He said he wants to fill in the gap made by the auditorium not allowing alcohol, although his space would only be able to accommodate an event of around 200 people.

“Even without the massive growth our community is seeing since COVID, our community is in need of spaces that can cater to community events like fundraisers for nonprofits, concerts and weddings as well as receptions,” he said. 

There are other locations that can be used for events that want to serve alcohol – the W. Arena recently hosted a vintage market featuring cocktails and mimosas and Geysers on the Terrace and Riley Arena host some fundraisers – but the Cody Auditorium has been a staple of big events in town. 

Soroptimist of Cody is looking for a new location to hold its Annual Wine Tasting Party, postponed this year because of COVID-19.

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