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Thomas Lewis


Matt Winslow

How do you make sure your name appears?

Viv McCord

Who gets to decide that a comment is of dubious nature? Can I sign up for that job?

Dewey Vanderhoff

A: the alleged professional journalists that allegedly maintain and moderate the Comments. And , No, you can't

Viv McCord

It wasn't a serious question...I'm sure the job is horribly boring, feel sorry for the alleged journalists

charles polley

I am of the opinion this should only apply to comments going forward?

Dewey Vanderhoff

- will you also be asking for a daytime phone number to verify senders of messages of a dubious nature ? If so will Enterprise local staff be handling that or will it be done back in Davenport Iowa or Moline Illinois where the Town News censors hold court ?

Just know you probably ought to have a mechanism to still confirm commentors are who they say they are...

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