Tim Lasseter

Tim Lasseter said he was perfectly happy as a retired grandfather, but the issues, especially around local and national elections, propelled him to seek the position of Park County clerk.

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Bob Thomas

How predictable. The bullies from high school that never grew up. It's quite comical when people who have never made any sacrifices think they can tell others where they can live or what they can say. It's called the Constitution boys, read it. This is still America and Mr. Lasseter doesn't need your permission to do whatever he wants. I met him at a forum recently. Nice guy. This isn't Russia and you aren't in charge. I fought for this Country so people could live in freedom not be looked down on and ridiculed by people who have never accomplished anything except for their own self interests. Grow up and act like adults, not grade school punks.

Travis Clark

Bullies, you say? Aww, Tim L. can take it. Ya see, somehow Lasseter got controls of the Cody Chit Chat FB group and immediately censured and/or banned opposing viewpoints. That's certainly something that a tough and seasoned Rugged Individualist would do, don' t you think Mr. Thomas. Anyone who can't handle free speech on the internet would certainly have grave issues running the County Clerk office. Speaking of freedom, Mr. Lasseter is free to go back to Missouri or Arkansas and espouse his censorship frame of mind to his home folks. Bullies? The real bullies will be heard from on primary election day when a landslide victory is given to Ms. Renner by the voters

Jake Nash

Carpetbaggers are always so productive. Just look at Forward Cody and the 1,000's of high paying jobs it's created in the past 16 years. I'm sure this current office seeking carpetbagger will do just as good. Meanwhile, back a the ranch, anybody who questions Colleen Renner's integrity ought to have their head examined. The race for County Clerk will be good for some sheets and giggles I'm sure :)

Norm Martin

Cody seems to attract these newcomers who think they can just glide into town with their "this is how we did it back home" mentality and "upgrade" all of our lives by them immediately running for office. Mr. Lasseter is no exception......in fact, hasn't met an election year here yet that he doesn't like. It's getting to be a real laugher and I predict Ms. Renner will easily "glide" into a victory on primary day.

Ray Ladd

HIstorically, carpetbaggers around here that throw their hats in the ring for public office do well. In fact, usually don't even break double digit % of the votes. Tim L. should take his act back down to the Ozarks...at least he'd be a home grown candidate vs. all these jonny come lately's that pop into Cody and think they're elected official material

Jeremy Pogue

You just don't roll into Cody, rent a house, get yourself a $10 cowboy at Walmart, start flapping your jaws and immediately think that you're a long time local. You also don't immediately make yourself out to be leadership material and be a perennial candidate for just about every elected position that pops up. Regarding the 'quest' for integrity, Colleen Renner has plenty so, we're good.

John Dunbar

Oh man, you summed him and some others up just perfectly, thank you for reading my mind. :)

Matt Winslow

Well, shouldn’t election processes be based on evidence and analysis, rather than what the clerk “trusts” based on lack of knowledge? The only two published studies that have systematically compared count accuracy consistently found the machine counting is significantly more accurate, and hand counting can have more than double the error rate. I mean, we’re talking about public resources and the integrity of our system. Let’s use intelligence and reason.

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