Most grizzlies captured in Northwest Wyoming were captured in Park County, though fewer were captured than the year prior, according to the Wyoming Game and Fish annual report on grizzly bears in Northwest Wyoming.

During 2020, G&F captured 26 grizzly bears in 27 capture events in an attempt to prevent or resolve conflicts – one bear was captured twice.

It’s a continuation of a trend of fewer captures.

In 2019, 33 bears were captured and 17 were removed from the population. In 2018, 59 were captured.

Of the bears captured in 2020, 18 were removed from the population and either killed or placed in an appropriate facility. The bear captured twice was removed from the population after its second capture. Half of those were captured outside of the Demographic Monitoring Area. That’s almost as many as would’ve been available to harvest outside the DMA had management of grizzly bears stayed with the state.

“Removal of grizzly bears in Wyoming is dependent upon authorization from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service after careful and thorough deliberation taking into account multiple factors unique to each conflict situation,” G&F states in the report.

Of the 26 individual captures, eight were female and 18 were male. Most captures were adult males.

Thirteen captures were a result of bears killing livestock (primarily cattle), 13 were captures involving bears that obtained food rewards (pet, livestock food, garbage, fruit trees), or were frequenting developed sites or human-populated areas unsuitable for grizzly bear occupancy. One bear was a non-target capture but was relocated a short distance as a preventative measure.

Fifteen of the grizzlies were captured in Park County (56%), five (19%) were in Sublette County, three (11%) were in Fremont County, two (7%) were in Hot Springs County and two (7%) were in Teton County.

Nine of the bears were relocated. All relocated grizzly bears were released on U.S. Forest Service lands in or adjacent to the Primary Conservation Area/Recovery Zone. Six of those relocated bears were released in Park County, two were in Teton County, and one was in Fremont County.

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