Dillon (left) and Alyssa Herman sit with their new daughter Stella Grace, the first child born in 2021 at Cody Regional Health.

Stella Grace Herman came into the world hale, hearty and just a little bit early.

The first baby born Jan. 5 at Cody Regional Health. The 21-inch, 8-pound-6-ounce Stella was supposed to arrive on Jan. 12, but mother Alyssa Herman, 30, was induced. Even starting labor early, she wasn’t expecting to have the first baby of the new year.

“We figured by the fifth, there would have been one born,” Herman said.

Stella is the third child of Alyssa and her husband, Dillon. Stella comes into the world with two older sisters, Clara and Lucy. The Hermans wanted their children to have more old-fashioned names and Stella keeps with a theme they’ve established.

“Clara means clear and bright and Lucy means light,” Alyssa Herman said. “We chose Stella because it means star and goes with her sisters’ names.”

It wasn’t a surprise for the Herman family that they would add a daughter to their family, nor that she would join the family around this time. They had planned on having three children and having them all two years apart. Stella’s older sisters are 4 and almost 2, so that part of the plan “worked out,” Alyssa Herman said. And as for knowing Stella’s gender before she was born?

“We just really like to be able to plan and I feel like the sooner I know what the gender I just feel that bond starts to form more, so we’ve known her name and gender since really early,” Alyssa said.

Having the first baby of the year in Cody is a fun milestone, but Alyssa said that isn’t what’s important to her.

“I know it’s a novelty to have the first baby of the year,” she said, “but we’re just happy she’s here and she’s healthy and part of our family.”

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Congratulations to the two of you.

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