Hunters will have a chance to get a free can of bear spray next week.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will distribute bear spray to hunters Tuesday at the rodeo grounds.

Dusty Lasseter, G&F bear wise coordinator, said 100 cans of bear spray will be given away to hunters or anglers who possess a current Wyoming hunting or fishing license on a first come, first serve basis. Hunters and anglers will have to show their license to receive a can.

The bear spray was purchased with monetary donations from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Western Bear Foundation and Wyoming Outdoorsmen. This is the fifth year G&F has partnered with organizations to give away bear spray to hunters and anglers in Cody.

“Bear spray is an effective deterrent in an aggressive bear encounter and we hope this effort continues to raise awareness and remind those recreating in bear country to be prepared and stay safe,” Lasseter said.

The giveaway starts at 8 a.m. in the front parking lot of the rodeo grounds.

As a precautionary measure to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, those seeking bear spray will be asked to form several lines while staying in their vehicles. Participants will then drive up to a designated area where a volunteer will distribute the bear spray to individuals in their vehicles. G&F personnel will be on hand to direct people on site and maintain safety standards.

“This is a great opportunity for G&F to promote bear safety as many hunters prepare for the fall season,” Lasseter said.

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