While people are more likely to encounter a vaccinated individual at Cody Regional Health than just about anywhere else in the county, the hospital is one of a number of local employers still working to raise its COVID vaccination rate.

The staff vaccination rate is hovering around 50%, reported RN Laura Farnworth, Employee Health Coordinator. That is in line with health care workers nationally and far above the 36.7% rate of people who are fully vaccinated in Park County.

“We are holding weekly immunization clinics to encourage our staff to get immunized,” she said.

This comes as the active COVID rate in Park County has plateaued around 150. On Monday 13 county residents were hospitalized and 91 of the 156 active cases were in Cody residents.

After weeks of rising numbers, some of the metrics, such as the rate of spread and wastewater testing has begun to stabilize or improve in Park County. Numbers, however, remain well above where they were for months. The amount of people in quarantine has stressed many City of Cody departments, manager Barry Cook told council members Tuesday night.

He had suggested providing vaccinated employees with three extra personal days to use as an incentive for more to get vaccinated than the roughly 30% estimated, but council members asked for an internal survey first to see if the offer of personal days would entice any employees to get vaccinated.

Council member Heidi Rasmussen said, while she was in favor of the vaccine, she was doubtful the proposed incentive would convince anybody to move from their “trench” and said there are valid reasons for certain people to resist getting the vaccine. She also noted that current CDC regulations provide an incentive for those who don’t want to miss a bunch of work.

“They’ve set up quarantine rules where being vaccinated is a benefit,” she said. “There are some reverse incentives the federal government is doing for us that maybe we don’t need to get in that trench.”

A number of health care facilities and larger private employers are also waiting to see the affect the Biden administration’s recently announced executive order will have on vaccinations.

“We will follow the federal mandate for COVID-19 vaccinations for healthcare workers once the details of the mandate are provided to health care facilities,” she said.

Staff members are already encouraged to get a wide range of immunizations recommended nationwide, from hepatitis to MMR, and staff are required to be tested for Tuberculosis prior to having any patient contact.

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Frank Dolce

Covid vaccines cannot cause Covid infections. The Enterprise should moderate dangerous misinformation.

Mike Johnson

The more vaccinations, the more covid cases. This is proven by the UK:

80% vaccination rate, yet 8X the covid hospitalizations as last year when none were vaccinated.


And Israel:

Israel goes from a couple dozen cases a day to 10,000 cases a day after achieving a 78% vaccination rate. In addition, an Israeli study finds the vaccinated are 27 times more likely to catch covid than the unvaccinated with natural immunity.


Finally, the CDC's own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) stats show the experimental covid injections are killing and injuring TEN TIMES more people than other vaccines. 70 people PER DAY are now dying from the covid injections. 14,500 DEAD so far. 675,000 injured.


This truly is a regenerated pandemic caused by the vaccines themselves. Critically-thinking people are asking what the heck is in those things?

They are clearly not safe and clearly not effective.

Yet city, county, state & national leaders still keep hyper-pushing them. Isn't it way past time someone stops the injection train to figure out what went wrong?

Matt Winslow

This is not reliable information. For example, VAERS does not establish that the vaccination is the cause of any reported adverse effect. In fact, the site specifically includes a statement that: "Vaccine providers are encouraged to report any clinically significant health problem following vaccination to VAERS . . . Reports may include incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental and unverified information." Reports don't mean that the adverse reaction is caused by the vaccination, just that it happened later in time. That means that every vaccinated person who dies from ANY cause is reported to the system.

Mike Johnson

That disclaimer applies to all vaccines. So more reports means more problems. There are more reports against the experimental Covid injections than all other vaccines created over the past 30 years combined.

In additional, a Harvard study showed only 1% of adverse vaccine reactions are reported. So the negative Covid reports could be up to 100 times higher. You can’t blow off those appalling numbers by being obtuse with your definitions.

Matt Winslow

Note how the argument has changed from the deaths being caused by the vaccines, to the number of reports must be too low and suggests there is something wrong with the vaccines. It should give us pause when we face our positions being disproven, and instead of reevaluating our conclusions, we change our arguments. It suggests that we are not seeking truth, but confirmation.

Charles Johnson

Full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

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