Sean Pettus

TORRINGTON (WNE) — A Cody man is the suspect of a Torrington murder, arson and theft.

Sean Pettus, 32, was in Park County until mid 2019, when he was sentenced by Judge Bill Simpson to 4-6 years in prison with credit for 749 days served.

On April 22, the Torrington Police Department said in a release the Goshen County Coroner has identified the homicide victim as Madison Shana Cook, a 20 year old female from Torrington. The manner of Madison’s death has been ruled to be a homicide. On Thursday the Torrington Police Department officially announced it was charging Pettus with first degree murder and two counts of burglary. 

According to the Torrington Telegram, the Torrington Police Department  Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation and Goshen County Coroner are still investigating the homicide, arson, and vehicle theft that were reported April 20. 

Pettus, who had been paroled from a2019 sentence, is the owner of BadDreams&Robots tattoo parlor in Torrington.

He was originally sentenced to five years probation and 4-6 years suspended prison sentence in January 2017, pleading guilty to a felony charge of burglary.

Pettus was found guilty for breaking his probation from this underlying crime in 2019 after he failed to complete the Sheridan County Court Supervised Treatment Program, having been terminated for various substance violations, and failure to report for one drug testing.

According to a press release from Torrington Police Chief Matt Johnson, “our Communications Center was made aware of a fire in the 300 block of East Valley Road in Torrington” on the morning of April 20. 

After the Torrington Volunteer Fire Department (TVFD) had arrived on scene and began working to battle the blaze, officers were made aware of suspicious circumstances surrounding the incident. 

As a result of the information received, the fire is being investigated as a suspected arson. 

The release continues, “Officers conducted a follow-up investigation based on the information that was received, and a deceased person was ultimately located in the 1300 block of East 17th Avenue in Torrington. The death is suspicious in nature and is being investigated as a suspected homicide at this time.” 

Officers were made aware of a reported stolen vehicle in the 1700 block of East C Street while they were investigating the suspected homicide. 

“All of these incidents are believed to be related and the crimes are associated with a single suspect,” Johnson said.

He was arrested Tuesday morning, April 20 and is being detained at the Goshen County Detention Center without bail.

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