Ryan Hauck, executive director of the Park County Travel Council, listens to conversation during the Sept. 15, 2022 council meeting. Hauck says that reviving a statewide film production incentive could have several potential benefits for Park County.

From “Longmire” to “Yellowstone,” Wyoming goes over big on the small screen.

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Richard Ashley

Great if this happens the working class people in and around Cody will be priced out and have to move or be homeless. Then the rich people who put this through won't be able to find workers for their rich needs. Just like Jacksonhole and Bozeman. Screw over the locals.

Dewey Vanderhoff

Don't delude yourselves. Wyoming offers the film industry some fine scenery, and not much else...

Dewey Vanderhoff

There is one more glaring reason(s) why Wyoming is always at the bottom of the list as a working film and televsion production venue. The multimedia industry is heavly unionized. Wyoming is a strong Right To Work state. The various unions will not allow their individual members and/or whole crews work in Wyoming for less than union scale. It's actually worth it to the producers and the investors ( not always the same folks ) paying for the production to do the work where A. they don't have to pay union salaries and follow union worker guidelines , or B. work in a state that heavily subsidizes film and televsion work beginning with tax incentives and other provisos. The State of Wyoming can't accomodate either requirement.

Of course the real issue is we simply do not have a skilled resident workforce for the multimedia trades, or even the barest minimum infrastructure to support productions.

Wyoming may look the part on screen , with its grand vistas and spectacular settings, but it really does not play well with the industry. Let's quit pretending we can attract the primary film and television crews until the state has a little talk with itself about that. What are you willing to give up for what you get, Wyoming ?

The second unit will still come to Wyoming and get background and set shots as proxies to drop in the scripted scenes filmed in New Mexico or Canada , or use stock footage already available. In order to get the filming done here Wyoming will have to be exceptionally creative and agree to play by the cliché Hollywood Rules and the requuisite egos involved with that. ( although Hollywood isn't even the film mecca these's all decentralized to places like Georgia, North Carolina and elsewhere all the way to Eastern Europe and the elephant in the room China ). This situation is yet another case of Wyoming being its own worst enemy when it expects the outside world to conform to our unique quaint colloquial backwards regressive way of doing things.

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